July 18, 2024

Sun Fit and Well Variants: Basic, Plus, and Advantage


Sun Fit and Well (SFW), which has 3 variants, is a whole-life plan that offers comprehensive health protection. Sun Life offers this plan.

With all that is happening now, no one is really spared from getting sick.

Most of us will experience at least one critical illness in our lifetime.

It is why preparing this early is like doing yourself a favor.

So when it happens, you are still in great comfort, knowing that financial difficulties will not add to the difficult battle you will have to face.

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3 Key Benefits of Sun Fit and Well


Life Insurance

The life insurance benefit is equal to the face amount less any advances and minor CI claims. It serves as an additional layer of protection.

In that case, it is the amount of money that your beneficiaries will get if you die for whatever cause.

But remember this, the life insurance benefit is only payable if there’s no major CI claim.

Medical Benefits

It gives you access to preemptive wellness benefits, critical illness benefits, special cancer booster benefits, and treatment and rehabilitation benefits.

You may also read the Sun Fit and Well Review so you can understand the medical benefits you can get from this plan.


Sun Fit and Well provides guaranteed savings at the end of the second year.

In addition, you will receive a special paid-up bonus after paying for the plan.

You will also receive a yearly dividend depending on the company’s performance.

Lastly, at age 65, or age 70 for late-issue age, you are entitled to receive an endowment benefit for 8 years.

Comprehensive Health Insurance Coverage

Top 3 causes of death in the philippines

Sun Life’s new-generation wellness plan aims to provide comprehensive protection against critical illnesses.

It addresses your needs while going through the key stages in your health: prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Preemptive Wellness Benefit

Prevention is better than cure, and Sun Life knows it best. That’s why they created a wellness program for this plan.

With this, you can access several wellness programs and enjoy special privileges that can help your mind and body.

All in all, you can access a wealth of health and wellness information, join fitness and wellness events, and learn about nutrition from experts.


This plan protects you from financial difficulties brought on by being diagnosed with any critical illness.

It covers 64 major critical illnesses, 34 minor critical illnesses, and 16 specific cancer conditions.

Thus, it will equip you with peace of mind, knowing there is something you can lean on.


It has embedded hospitalization benefits from day one (1) of confinement up to 90 days.

It will also give a one-time benefit of Php 5,000 for a doctor-approved check-up.

These benefits are available for up to 4 illnesses and must be from different groups (not related).


Sun Fit and Well also provides a home recovery benefit that you can use while you are rehabilitating at home.

In addition, if you only have less than 6 months to live, you can advance 10% of the original face amount as a palliative care benefit.

Other Things You Need to Know

Eligibility & Payment Options

  • Available for babies (after 30 days of being born).
  • Available for smokers up to age 50 and up to age 60 for non-smokers.
  • It can be paid quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
  • Save up to 12% if paid in annual mode compared to a monthly basis.
  • Available in 10 years, 15 years, and 20 years variants.

Sun Fit and Well Variants

There are three variants for this plan: Sun Fit and Well, Sun Fit and Well Plus, and Sun Fit and Well Advantage.

Similarly, all these plans are payable in 10 years, 15 years, and 20 years, depending on your age and preference.

So how do these products differ from each other?

  • Sun Fit and Well: the most basic package. It has life insurance, a critical illness benefit, a specific cancer booster, a preemptive wellness benefit, and a special paid-up bonus and dividends.
  • Sun Fit and Well Plus: basic benefits plus guaranteed cash benefit equal to 5% of the Face Amount from age 60 to 72.
  • Sun Fit and Well Advantage: basic benefits plus guaranteed cash benefit equal to 5% of Face Amount and treatment and rehabilitation benefit. This is the most comprehensive variant.

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