July 18, 2024

New Yamaha NMAX ‘Turbo’ debuts in Indonesia

PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Mfg (YIMM) celebrated its 50th anniversary in style by launching the NMAX Turbo, the next generation of its massively popular NMAX maxi-scooter. This exciting new model is designed to provide an unparalleled driving experience, promising not only enhanced performance but also a boost in self-confidence for its users. 

The NMAX Turbo is equipped with advanced features and cutting-edge technology, making it a standout in the scooter market. YIMM’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction shines through in this latest offering, ensuring that riders can enjoy both the thrill of the ride and the pride of ownership.

New Yamaha NMAX ‘Turbo’ debuts in Indonesia

The NMAX Turbo boasts an assertive, sporty, and luxurious MAXI Yamaha DNA design, making it a standout in the scooter market. This sleek and stylish model is equipped with full LED headlights featuring dual projectors, which not only enhance visibility but also add to the bike’s modern aesthetic. The full LED tail lights continue this contemporary design, providing a cohesive and striking appearance from every angle. Additionally, the NMAX Turbo includes a Multi-Infotainment Display, ensuring that riders have access to essential information and entertainment options at their fingertips.

The scooter also boasts an ergonomic driving position and a new, more elegant seat for enhanced comfort. It’s powered by the latest generation Blue Core 155cc VVA engine with Yamaha Electric CVT (YECVT) technology, replacing the conventional CVT. 

New Yamaha NMAX ‘Turbo’ debuts in Indonesia

So no, it’s not really turbocharged as its name might suggest, but rather, it gets a boost in performance via smart transmission programming. The engine delivers a maximum power of 11.3 kW at 8,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 14.2 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

Riders can choose between two ride modes: T-Mode, or Town, for chill rides around the city, and S-Mode for Sport Touring riding that requires some extra acceleration. This combination of advanced features, sophisticated design elements, and versatile performance ensures that the NMAX Turbo offers both top-notch performance and eye-catching style.

While all that is cool and all, there’s still no word as to whether or not this new model will make its way to the Philippines. 

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