June 25, 2024

Yamaha’s PG-1 looks like the ultimate go-anywhere mini-scrambler


Yamaha’s PG-1 looks like the ultimate go-anywhere mini-scrambler

Yamaha, one of the most respected motorcycle brands globally, continues to cater to all types of riders with its extensive lineup of both big and small bikes. In the Philippines, Yamaha has particularly impressed with its Mio scooter series, featuring popular models like the Mio Aerox and Mio Fazzio. This time, Yamaha targets adventurous riders seeking a versatile, no-frills machine with the launch of the new PG-1.

Yamaha Motor Philippines has introduced the PG-1, aptly named Playful Gear, designed to be the latest must-have for outdoor explorers. This motorcycle is crafted to take moto-exploration to the next level, perfect for those who crave the ideal outdoor getaway. The PG-1 is powered by a 114cc single-cylinder engine, borrowed from the Yamaha Sight underbone, known for its incredible efficiency and dependable performance. With nine horsepower and 9.5 Nm of torque, this engine ensures reliable power for varied terrains.

2024 Yamaha PG-1

The PG-1 is packed with features across three categories: Rugged Outdoor Performance, Functional Design, and Timeless Aesthetic. Its H-shaped front fork enhances rigidity and high-level stability, offering sport bike aesthetics. This provides excellent shock absorption on bumpy roads and improved handling on unpaved surfaces. 

Block-patterned tires adapt to a wide range of surface conditions, ensuring balanced performance. With a 190mm ground clearance, the PG-1 reduces the risk of off-road obstructions, and rubber boot covers add extra protection. A wide-dimension swingarm increases arm rigidity and reduces vibration, contributing to a comfortable ride on unpaved roads and over long distances.

The dual seat configuration features separate sections for the rider and luggage, offering ample space and flexibility. A 5.1L fuel tank supports a good range for hassle-free weekend adventures. The upright handlebar and slim body facilitate a natural, standing, and carefree riding position. 

2024 Yamaha PG-1

The analog instrument cluster includes a gear indicator, circular speedometer, and oval-shaped fuel gauge for enhanced readability. Iconic lighting with round headlights and taillights provides a tough yet timeless look, while the condensed design encourages riders to explore and take the long route with its durable appeal.

The Yamaha PG-1 is available in a sleek matte brown color and is now on sale at YZone, Revzones, and Yamaha 3S Shops nationwide, priced at 96,400 PHP. Whether you’re looking to escape the ordinary or find your path on rugged terrain, the Yamaha PG-1 is designed to break away from the confines of everyday life and fuel your outdoor adventures.

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