June 25, 2024

Celebrate Father’s Day with Travel-Inspired Gifts for Dad


We understand the importance of finding the perfect gift for your dad, someone who has always been there for you, the man with all the answers. Whether seeking advice on how the mechanics work on a watch, packing up your car for a big road trip, or how to fix a light, Dad has always come to the rescue. What if he’s a jet setter? A person who enjoys traveling, dreams of discovering new places with you, and adores portable gadgets he can bring along on his adventures?

When it comes to special celebrations like Father’s Day or birthdays, you want to find a present that reflects him. Consider his sense of humor and personality, without resorting to cliché choices, or a last-minute gift spotted in a store window. After all, he’s helped mold who you are today.

Our recommendations are tailored to align with his adventurous spirit, ranging from the equipment he hints at to the sentimental fathers. Even if it’s a camera or travel packing cubes to keep his wardrobe organized during trips, we offer upgrades for every type of father figure in your life. With every budget in mind, scroll through to find gifts for Dad! We are certain we have something on his secret wishlist.

Find the Perfect Father’s Day Gift for Every Type of Dad

Father’s Day is less than 2 weeks away, so if you haven’t begun browsing, here are thoughtful gifts! 

A father and his toddler son with a camera outside in spring nature.
Photo by Halfpoint via Adobe Stock

Creative Dad Tools

Panasonic Lumix S5 IIX Mirrorless Camera with 20-60mm f/3.5-5.6 and 50mm f/1.8 Lenses

Upgrade your gift game and get your father something he would appreciate, like a camera that comes ready to use. The Panasonic Lumix S5 IIX bundle is a great choice! In it comes a LUMIX S 50mm f/1.8 prime lens and a LUMIX S 20-60mm f/3.5-5.6 compact zoom, along with a 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor with a resolution of 24.2MP camera. It is equipped with a high-performance sensor, an advanced stabilization system, and innovative phase hybrid auto-focus technology. Including, high-speed signal processing for high bit-rate video recording. The great thing here is its versatility and dependability for both photography and videography allowing Dad to put forth his creativity.

Tilta Khronos Mobile Filmmaking Kit

Because we carry our phones everywhere we go, sometimes it takes priority over a camera on how you seize the moment. If you notice Dad doing this on every trip, this gift will surely excite him. First off, how awesome and stylish is this filmmaking phone case?! The Tilta Khronos Mobile comes in various expertise bundles and if your dad isn’t the most tech-forward creative, we understand. So in that mindset, we selected the more introductory kit to ease him into a smartphone grip. And ensuring he’s better equipped for videography, vlogging, or live streaming in a cool-looking Aluminum Alloy case.

It comes with a mini Daylight 5600K LED light panel with a CRI of 95 that has three brightness settings and an adjustable mount. It’s Ideal for grabbing footage in dimly lit settings. So when Dad is trying to capture a quick video at Disney and the sun has set, he can enhance the visual aesthetics a few levels. Moreover, it comes with a Khronos Focus PD Handle equipped with a built-in battery for powering accessories, and a secure locking clamp that provides a stable connection and allows for an attachment to tripods if Dad ever needs it. For use with the iPhone 15 Pro, this system weighs 8oz and measures 2.6 x 4.4 x 1″, compact and lightweight for easy portability.

Wacom One 13.3″ Creative Pen Display

The Wacom One 13.3″ Creative is a great entry-level option for the gifted pops who own a computer or tablet to operate their art software. It functions as an extra screen at Full HD 1920 x 1080, for a wide range of devices. Such as Windows and Mac computers, certain Android smartphones and tablets, and a few Google Chromebooks. Enhancing his experience, it covers 72% of the NTSC color space and replicates the resistance felt while drawing on paper. Additionally, it comes with a Wacom One Pen that does not require a battery and integrated foldable legs, letting Dad begin his computer art comfortably.

Godox ML100Bi Bi-color LED video light

Lightweight, compact, and powerful, the Godox ML100Bi is a handy Portable LED light and a must-have gift for dads on the go. Whether he uses it for lighting a family vlog or a scene, its flexibility allows you to customize your lighting setup. Its easy-to-use dimmer, high CRI/TLCI ratings, and excellent color reproduction guarantees optimal brightness and quality. Improve your setup with G-mount accessories and control the settings wirelessly using your smartphone. Get ready to capture footage effortlessly and celebrate Father’s Day in style!

Rode RODECaster Duo Integrated Audio Production Studio Solo Podcasting Bundle

A dad-worthy gift for audio creation, whether podcasting or streaming is the portable RODECaster Duo. A tool easy to customize, condensed into a professional broadcast studio. It offers all the amazing features of the RODECaster Pro II in a smaller, more portable package. It’s ideal when Dad needs fewer audio inputs for his travel-friendly setup.

Spotlighting high-performance quad-core audio engine, high-gain, low-noise Revolution preamps, APHEX audio processing, and versatile customization options. Inside the box, he will receive the RODECaster Duo, Rode PodMic, Rode NTH-100, Rode PSA1+, and a Rode Premium XLR Cable, making his production simple and hassle-free, the perfect scenario.

Glow 5-in-1 Collapsible Triangle Reflector with Handle

I know what you are most likely thinking, hmm why a reflector? Well, it’s super convenient! Especially a 5-1 collapsible with an ergonomic handle for easy grasp. Even if your Father is a photo expert, he could always benefit from having a backup option. This all-in-one Triangle Glow Reflector includes a single frame with a built-in translucent screen and four colorways; black, silver, white, and gold, providing five unique lighting options in a single portable set. It is packaged in a portable case and offers three different sizes to choose from. Allowing you to select the most suitable one. Equipped with a 1/4″-20 socket, it provides Dad with the flexibility to mount and utilize it for various outdoor or indoor projects.

Photo by Azeemud via People Images - gifts for dad
Photo by Azeemud via People Images

Airport Travel Goods for Dad

Apple AirTag

For Dads who have a talent for misplacing items, this is where the Apple AirTag comes into play. By attaching this device to his keys, luggage, or backpack, he can easily locate them by tracking the AirTag on his iPhone or iPad, via the Find My app.

A great add-on to protect the Apple AirTag from scratches and dings is a Nanuk Holder. It allows you to secure it to an array of items using a convenient loop, such as a backpack or a carry-on. With versatility and practicality in mind, you get four attachment options. Plus, a handy hook and loop adhesive or 3M double-sided tape.

Incase EO Travel Backpack

Kick off your father’s trip with this stylish travel essential, the Incase EO triple-coated weather-resistant backpack. Made with breathable mesh, padded back panels, and shoulder straps for extra comfort. It is a butterfly design that makes going through airport security a breeze, as it can effortlessly open flat for a smooth and efficient screening process. Additionally, the expandable main compartment allows for over 35% more storage space for extended trips. It has a padded sleeve for your 17″ laptop or tablet, making it great for overnight stays or a companion to your suitcase.

Nomatic Garment Bag V2

If your father is into keeping things tidy and uniform, look no further than the Nomatic line for its impressively stylish, functional, and convenient pieces from a garment to a toiletry bag.

The sleek Nomatic Garment Bag is designed with designated compartments for all your essentials. It has a pass-through sleeve that smoothly slides over your roller luggage handle, ensuring everything stays organized and easily accessible, hands-free. The water-resistant, high-quality nylon protects your items, so your dad won’t have to worry about leaks.

Furthermore, the interior can easily fit shoes, accessories, up to three suits, or a combination of various hanging garments like dress shirts, pants, dresses, and jackets. Next time your father has a business trip or a special event, ensure this gift will be used!

PGYTECH Tech Organizer

Gift dad a handy organizer to store his tech essentials, between cards, power bank, cables, flash drive, card reader, chargers, wallet, and camera battery. This origami-inspired pouch comes in three colorways — moss green, charcoal, and black, making it practical and stylish. With YKK zippers, it helps keep your belongings safe and even comes with a discreet AirTag pocket for added security and easy tracking. Plus, the organizer is splash-proof, so even if there’s an accidental spill, it won’t seep through and damage the contents.

MSI Claw A1M-051US 7″ Handheld Portable Gaming Console

If Dad enjoys gaming to relax after work or during weekends, consider getting him a portable gaming console like the MSI Claw A1M-051US 7″. This device is designed for convenience, allowing him to take his gaming along, whether on the train or relaxing at the lake house. The MSI Claw A1M is tailored for the modern era of gaming, perfect for the tech-savvy dad.

Intel’s NPU is integrated for optimal AI acceleration and fast processing speeds. Not to mention, he will get 50% longer playtime compared to other choices out there with 53Whr battery capacity. It has an Intel Core Ultra 7 155H chip, a crystal-clear 7″ screen, and 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM clocking in at 6400 MHz. On top of that, it boasts a 512GB NVMe SSD for plenty of storage. Your father can toss it into his sling or travel bag without losing his status!

Sonos Ace Wireless Active Noise Canceling Over-Ear Headphones

A dapper pair of headphones can make dad look like a million bucks. He can enjoy some “me time” while waiting to board his flight and listen to his favorite music, sports, movies, or podcasts using these active noise-canceling headphones. He can even take audio or video meetings using the microphone while on the ANC feature, removing outside distractions to provide him with an immersive experience including an aware option for security measures. With the Sonos Ace, you get built-in spatial audio support with dynamic head tracking and lossless audio streaming over Bluetooth, and up to 30 hours of battery using the active noise cancellation mode with rapid charging. A present he will thank you for over and over.

Photo by Jacob Lund via Adobe Stock

Road Trip Essentials for Dad

GoPro HERO12 Black Camera

The world’s coolest fathers these days want to be able to record anything and everything at all times. For the never-want-to-miss-a-moment pops, this action camera from GoPro is a must. The HERO12 allows him to capture sweet moments on the fly no matter what he’s doing. Whether he wants to go biking, hiking, or participate in your parkour adventures. Featuring the latest HyperSmooth 6.0 video stabilization technology and a substantial increase in battery life. The 5.3K video and added High Dynamic Range (HDR) for enhanced detail in every shot. You can enjoy up to 2x longer continuous recording with improved power efficiency, allowing for 70 minutes of footage at 5.3K60. Available in many bundles with various accessories, selecting the best one for him.

Bose SoundLink Max Bluetooth Speaker

Music is adored by people worldwide, and for some, their love for it knows no bounds. If your father is someone who enjoys belting out his favorite tunes wherever he goes, the Bose SoundLink Max is a great gift option. This speaker can be a great stress reliever for him, whether he’s at a bonfire or hiking up a trail. It comes with a removable handle featuring a soft-textured climbing rope design, making it easy to carry around. With an IP67 rating, it makes it water and dust-proof, as well as shock and rust-resistant, ensuring its durability. The speaker can provide up to 20 hours of continuous music playback and includes a USB-C port for effortless charging of your phone using its built-in battery.

Pelican 30QT Elite Cooler

Summer is right around the corner, keep your drinks and food cool with the vibrant Pelican 30TQ Elite. Crafted with durable, 2.10” thick polyurethane walls, this cooler is built to retain cold temperatures and has a lifetime guarantee. With a volume of 32.95 QT (31.18L), it can hold up to 28 lbs (12.7kg) of ice or 23 cans. It features press and pull latches, integrated cup holders, a built-in bottle opener, and non-skid, non-marking raised feet. Made for road trips, dad’s next fishing expedition, or camping excursion, the Pelican Elite Cooler will surely impress him.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Evo Instant Film Camera

Instant film cameras, an old-school classic way of documenting real-time junctures. This Fujifilm Instax Mini Evo is a hot take! Rock it in a cognac brown, or a never-fail black option, it looks good either way. Featuring digital components, it’s a hybrid camera that offers a selection of 10 lens effects and 10 film effects choices. With 100 creative possibilities, you can effortlessly capture your very own one-of-a-kind 2 x 3″ photographs. For your dad, it’ll bring a reflective aspect with a twist. He can enjoy the various color combinations and modifications, utilizing the macro mode for quirky shots together.

BenQ GS50 Full HD Portable Outdoor Projector

Turn your movie-buff dad’s dream into a reality by experiencing outdoor movie nights with the BenQ GS50 Full HD projector. This compact projector boasts a durable LED light source that delivers vivid colors for up to 2.5 hours on a single charge. Easily connect to your Android TV and stream wirelessly. The GS50 is designed to be easy on the eyes, featuring an eye-protection sensor that shuts off the light when children approach too closely. It is also resistant to splashes and drops. Moreover, the GS50 functions as a Bluetooth speaker with powerful bass, allowing Dad to enjoy premium sound quality with the integrated 2.1-channel audio system. Experience professional-grade color accuracy with BenQ CinematicColor technology. Equipped with autofocus, keystone correction, and 1080p resolution. Simply pack it up in its carry bag and take it along on your next family getaway.

Lorex 2K QHD 2-Way Audio Wired Video Doorbell Bundle

The safety-conscious fathers will appreciate the peace of mind provided by the Lorex 2K QHD 2-Way Audio Wired Doorbell, allowing them to relax and keep a watchful eye on their cherished home while on vacation. The brand’s design incorporates a 2-way audio communication feature that enables smooth interaction and includes the option for pre-recorded messages, enhancing convenience. Its extensive field of view of 164 degrees, provides complete coverage, equipped with motion-activated LED light, enriches visibility in low-light conditions 24/7. Furthermore, this camera is Amazon Alexa compatible, enabling seamless integration into your smart home system and providing hands-free control. Dad can take a look in between rest stops or when he arrives at his destination making it a win-win!

Photo by Auremar via Adobe Stock

Dad’s Relaxing Hobbies

Vortex Optics 12×50 Diamondback HD Roof Prism Binocular

Birdwatching is an outdoorsy hobby that has become popular in nature and public parks. And if your Dad has shown any interest, or is already an experienced birdwatcher, this pair of Vortex 12×50 binoculars would make for a magnificent gift. In the $300 price range, the Diamondback HD has a lens diameter of 50mm, a 6′ close focus, a 5.2-degree angle of view, and dielectric coating, which delivers vibrant, sharp, true-to-life images, helping you see the bird’s in all of their glory. They’re also reliable, as its waterproof, shockproof, and fogproof setup for any environment. Other pros, take it to your next sports game or hike, and have fun!

Garmin Approach S70 47mm Premium GPS Golf Smartwatch

Treat your golf-aficionado dad to some quality time by surprising him with the Approach S70 47mm Premium GPS Golf Smartwatch — the perfect gift for any devoted golfer! With crystal-clear visuals of more than 43,000 full-color courses on the advanced 1.4″ AMOLED touchscreen display. The virtual caddie feature offers club suggestions and shot dispersion chart insights, making every game more strategic. Plus, it also tracks health and fitness metrics like heart rate, sleep patterns, and energy levels. No pressure for next year, but this gift will be tough to beat!

Swellpro Fisherman MAX Heavy Lift Fishing Drone

If the fisherman you’re shopping for wants to improve their game, this IP67 waterproof MAX Heavy Lift Fishing Drone by Swellpro allows you to do just that. Target a wider range of species using a variety of bait, significantly increasing your fishing success rate while lifting up to 7.7 lbs! It boasts a long-range casting capability of up to 1 mile (1.5 km), allowing you to reach distant fishing locations. Out of all the gifts listed for Dad, this one is personalized for him. With high-clarity 4K recording, lake-side adventures will be documented for a lifetime.

JBL Tour Pro 2 True Adaptive Noise Canceling Wireless In-Ear Earbuds

Imagine your father’s surprise when you gift him a pair of noise-canceling earbuds perfect for his daily run. These do a tremendous job and offer up to 40 hours of spatial audio on a single charge. Also, there’s no need to stress when he’s far away! Bluetooth 5.3 ensures a reliable, safe, and future-ready wireless connection. With hands-free voice control that works with “Hey Google” and “Alexa”. And thanks to the 6-mic technology and Personal Sound Amplification, he can enjoy high-quality calls. Having these makes jogging a tad more enjoyable and keeps your dad feeling motivated.

Photo by Printique of an Acrylic Block, Gifts for Dad

Personalized Gifts for Dad

Most of our snapshots are digital these days, so why not consider more classic, timeless gifts, like a framed photograph of the people he loves for his desk or bedside table? Perhaps a metal print expressing how much he means to you, which let’s face it, is all he really wants anyway. Here is a list of special gifts for the Dad who loves classic, personalized gifts you know he will enjoy.

Mobile Easy Books

Our newest Editor is an easy win for any Dad! Simplify your memories and create a photo book in minutes! With Easy Books, transforming your favorite images into a beautiful photo book is right at your fingertips. In just a few simple steps, you can design a stunning layflat Easy Book photo album directly from your phone and be delivered to your door.

The same exceptional quality you trust, now with the convenience of mobile creation. Our Easy Books feature an 8×8 hardcover printed on Silver Halide Digital C (real photo paper). Available in Deluxe Layflat, with Luster Photo Paper. You get 1 photo per page, a minimum of 10 pages, and a maximum of 100 pages. The cover is thick, and the pages are durable, ensuring your memories are preserved beautifully.

Layflat Hardcover Photo Books

A photo book is the most thoughtful Father’s Day gift for all types of dads. Create a photo album capturing highlights of the past year and add a special message to each page. 

If you are looking for gifts perfect for even the most hard-to-please Dads, a personalized photo book is the way to his heart. Comes in various sizes and photo paper options. Each page is inspected for superior printing and carefully assembled. Our Layflat Leather Photo Books are printed on Silver Halide Digital C (real photo paper), ensuring durability and vivid colors. The covers are made from genuine leather, real whole hide, and never bonded.

Metal Prints

For the Dad who enjoys a rustic touch, a metal print is a perfect addition to his den, garage, or study. These prints aren’t just a gift for him; they can be displayed for everyone to admire. Metal prints are a conversation starter, and he’s sure to receive compliments.

Make a bold statement with HD Metal Prints created by infusing images onto ChromaLuxe aluminum, available in four finish options. The result is vibrant, durable, professional-quality metal photo prints. Choosing a family picture for your Father’s Day gift (or a memory from his travels) will make a striking statement.

Acrylic Blocks

Available in 2×2, 3×3, 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10, Printique’s acrylic blocks are made from a perfectly clear, one-inch thick piece of premium cast acrylic that captures and refracts light in a way you just have to see for yourself! The colors are vibrant and beautiful; high-contrast photos look especially brilliant printed on an Acrylic Block. If you’re looking for a photo gift for Father’s Day with a serious wow factor, this is it! It will look fantastic on Dad’s office desk, nightstand, or even displayed in his shop. 

Custom Photo Puzzles

Enjoy piecing together a one-of-a-kind custom puzzle! These Photo Puzzles are produced on Fujicolor Crystal Archive glossy paper. That provides a high-quality image with vibrant colors, making it easy to put your pictures into puzzles. Arrives unassembled in a gift box with your image printed on top. They come in 4 different sizes and provide hours of fun.

Here’s to you, Dad

If time was a factor this year, take the opportunity to schedule a special moment with your Dad. Give him the gift of your undivided attention, take note of something he does, and playfully mention it. Being attentive and being present are the most important things to him. If you’re able to, you can also consider giving him a gift card, allowing him to choose one of these awesome gifts for himself. No matter how old you are, you will always be his kid. So feel free to ask him anything you’ve ever been curious about and share jokes together. What truly matters is seeing him smile and creating a memory you can look back on. Cheers to you, Dad — thanks for everything.

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