April 13, 2024

LTFRB to halt expansion of motorcycle taxis in NCR

You may have found yourself relying on motorcycle taxis during rush hour to quickly navigate from point A to B. In addition to their traditional role in courier and delivery services, motorcycles have increasingly gained traction as a means of transporting people. Platforms such as Angkas and Joyride have emerged as valuable tools for commuters, offering quick and easy transport to and from workplaces.

Getting a motorcycle taxi nowadays is pretty straightforward, but that might not last long. The whole expansion plan for motorcycle taxis is on hold since the trial run is wrapping up in May, according to the LTFRB. They’re also working on a suggestion for Congress about how to handle motorcycle taxis. LTFRB Chair Teofilo Guadiz made it clear that it’s up to Congress to decide whether they’ll go with the suggestion or not.

“We will prepare our recommendation and it is up to Congress whether or not it will adopt our recommendation and based on that, we will act depending on the decision of Congress.”

LTFRB to halt expansion of motorcycle taxis in NCR

The LTFRB recently approved an additional 8,000 slots for motorcycle taxis, aiming to meet the growing demand for this mode of transportation. These motorcycle taxi services are designed to crack down on unauthorized operations by ensuring that all drivers are properly trained and passengers are covered by insurance. Teofilo Guadiz, the LTFRB Chair, advocates for the potential of motorcycle taxis in reducing traffic congestion. With a total of 51,000 slots allocated in Metro Manila, he believes that expanding this mode of transport could play a significant role in alleviating the city’s traffic woes.

However, amidst the push for expansion, transport groups have raised concerns and appealed to President Marcos to put a stop to the further growth of motorcycle taxis in Metro Manila. The Coalition of Transport Sectors specifically urges the LTFRB to restrict expansion beyond the National Capital Region (NCR). Additionally, the House committee on Metro Manila development has advocated for a moratorium on the introduction of new players into the ongoing pilot study, reflecting a cautious approach towards the integration of motorcycle taxis into the transportation landscape.

What do you think? Do MC taxis deserve their rightful place in the mainstream mobility infrastructure in the metro? Or are there better, more efficient ways for people to get around quickly? 

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