April 13, 2024

Attention all writers: Imagine having a reliable tool that helps you craft engaging content with ease, captivating your visitors from start to finish. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it’s no dream, because AI tools for content writing have arrived!

Today, I’m exploring the features of Tai Freestyle from SBI!. Tai’s a smart AI tool that boosts your productivity and assists you in your content writing, idea generation, research and monetization planning.

Let me show you nine examples (with videos) of how Tai Freestyle can help you in your daily work as a blogger and solopreneur.

Join me now as I explore the capabilities of Tai Freestyle!

Use Tai to Research and Plan

One of Tai’s greatest strengths is its ability to dig deep and extract data, making it a great tool for research and planning. Research forms the backbone of content that draws in readers and satisfies Google’s requirements for creating helpful, reliable content. It’s not just about content, either. You’ll want to research the best ways to monetize, too.

The videos below show how Tai can help you research and plan your work to achieve better results.

Discover New Topic Ideas

Boost engagement and retain visitors by publishing a wealth of knowledge in your niche. You’ll never run out of inspiration because Tai can uncover endless topic ideas to captivate your audience. And visitors love fresh, rich content.

Plus, creating abundant content is a winning strategy to gain search engine visibility. Watch this clip to see Tai brainstorm and retrieve a bounty of untapped topic ideas.

As you watch the video clips, you might notice something on the screen called “CVS.” CVS is a setting known as the Consistency-Variability Scale. It lets you control how consistent or variable (aka creative) you want Tai’s output to be.You’ll also discover the Cheaper-Better selector, a feature that lets you toggle between the more economical GPT-3.5 and the superior GPT-4, tailoring the balance between cost and quality to suit your needs.

Know What Your Visitors Are Looking For

Knowing the true search intent behind a keyword is crucial for your site’s visibility. Consistently meeting that search intent is what makes your visitors like your site and want to come back for more. If your content misses the visitors’ intent, they’ll click the dreaded Back button within seconds, which sends negative signals to Google.

Watch this video to see how Tai Freestyle makes discovering search intent about specific keywords easy, revealing how to align your content with that intent for maximum impact.

Show Me the Money!

Who doesn’t need to improve their revenue? Using Tai Freestyle as part of your monetization brainstorming process will help you isolate opportunities in your niche that resonate with your audience’s needs, wants, and desires.

In fact, you might say Tai helps you find ways to turn your content into gold. Watch this video now to see how Tai Freestyle simplifies monetization research, making it easier to turn your passion into profit.

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Improve Your Writing With Tai Freestyle

Apply the power of Tai Freestyle to your writing and watch as it changes the way you create content. Tai is the perfect writing assistant to spark new ideas, weave together compelling articles, and finalize it all with flawless grammar.

The videos in this section highlight features that will help you wrangle words into perfect prose.

Create Content Outlines

Outlining is an important step for organizing your thoughts and ensuring a smooth, logical flow in your work. It also ensures that your blog post contains everything your visitors want to know about and addresses their pain points. Tai Freestyle excels at turning your ideas into structured content outlines.

The video below presents the magic of Tai Freestyle grasping a topic, then shaping it into an outline that will form the basis for your article. Check it out!

Polish Your Work

Scrub your articles clean with Tai Freestyle and bid farewell to repetitive phrases and unclear copy. Tai sharpens your writing, ensuring every word serves a purpose. It will free your content from the clutches of repetition while maintaining the essence of your words.

Watch the clip to see the transformative effects Tai Freestyle can bring to your content, making it more compelling for your visitors.

Let Tai Freestyle Say It for You

Do you ever get stumped while writing a page and don’t know what to say? Writer’s block is a thing of the past because Tai Freestyle assists in expanding your ideas into fully developed, coherent paragraphs. This enhances the flow of your writing and enriches the content.

Watch now as Tai understands your paragraph’s context, then suggests ways to complete it, making it sound natural.

Productivity and Other Uses

Tai Freestyle helps you boost your productivity. For example, it can carry out time-consuming tasks, like summarizing long articles or assuming the role of an expert in any topic.

This saves you time and effort, letting you focus on the fun and creative parts of writing.

The videos in this section will show you how Tai can help you get more done in less time.

An AI tool to Summarize Text

Tai Freestyle lets you distill extensive documents into concise, digestible summaries to save time while staying abreast of your topic.

It’s perfect for quickly grasping the essence of detailed material, making information more accessible and actionable. Watch how you can use Tai Freestyle to power up your productivity.

Role-Playing to Capture Points of View

Tai Freestyle is a great storyteller, capable of crafting stories, poetry, and scripts. But it surpasses fiction-writing to capture the unique viewpoints of people and identities. This makes it possible for Tai to communicate not only words, but authentic perspectives that resonate with targeted audiences.

Explore the power of role-playing in this video clip. See the benefit of using Tai to convey messages through character perspectives.

Free Your Imagination

Enter the world of unbound creativity with Tai Freestyle‘s “Go Crazy” feature. Using the prompt in our example will inject your work with fun, boldness, and radical ideas.

Set a higher number on the CVS slider to boost Tai’s creative side. It’s great for composing fiction or for going outside the box.

The video shows how Tai Freestyle goes all out with super creative, catchy ideas for image creation. What could you use it for?

Tai Freestyle: Powerful AI Tools for Content Writing

These short video clips showcase some of the features that make Tai Freestyle a valuable assistant for bloggers and solopreneurs.

It allows you to focus on what matters most — your creativity. Tai helps with efficiency and accuracy, freeing you to write your best.

With Tai Freestyle, you can craft engaging and informative pieces that stand out.

Ready to write content that converts?
Try Tai Freestyle today and see the difference in your content creation.

AI Tools for Content Writing: 9 Creative Ways to Use Tai Freestyle

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