April 13, 2024

The winners & finalists of the 500px Global Photography Awards revealed!


After much anticipation, the curtain has been drawn, and the spotlight is now on the incredible talents behind the lens. We’re thrilled to unveil the exceptional winners and finalists of the 2023 edition of the 500px Global Photography Awards.

From seasoned professionals to dedicated hobbyists, this year’s competition attracted photographers from all walks of life, each vying for the title of 500px Photographer of the Year and a chance to claim remarkable prizes from amazing brands.

In this third installment of the awards, participants had the opportunity to showcase their best works captured or uploaded throughout 2023. With categories spanning Landscape, Fine Art, Technical, Documentary, Storytelling, and Commercial Content, there was something to captivate every eye and imagination.

Today marks the grand unveiling of our winners, finalists, and the photographers who have secured the coveted titles of 500px Photographer of the Year. Let’s celebrate their extraordinary talent and creativity!

Drum roll…

The Photographers of the Year are…

Serhii Fett and Richard Beresford Harris—congratulations!

You will find their winning images, and the rest of the winners and finalists, below.


PRO First Place Winner

Leonardo Papèra
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Guardians of the Moon by Leonardo Papèra on 500px.com

What our Editors loved about this photo: The Dolomites are a sought-after, highly photographed locale, but when they are captured with this precision and attention to detail, they become a true wonder. Leonardo leans into the soft light and brings the peaks, valleys, and cotton candy sky to life through his camera. The contrast is just right, the sharpness uncompromising, and the framing is done in a way that embraces the rules without hinging on them. Yes, landscape photography is made a little easier when your surroundings are this stunning, but mastering precision and color tones like this can only be done by a skilled eye.

HOBBYIST First Place Winner

Richard Beresford Harris
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Bachalpsee by Richard Beresford Harris on 500px.com

What our Editors loved about this photo: Mountains are massive natural features that convey a sense of grandeur and awe-inspiring scale. By introducing a person into the scene, Richard provides a reference point for the viewer, allowing them to better understand the immense size and majesty of the landscape. This contrast in scale emphasizes the enormity of the mountains and adds depth to the composition. The photographer positioned the person central in the landscape in the lower third, and used that mountain peak to create visual intrigue. The textured green, suddenly juxtaposed by the blue of the water, creates depth and leads to the layer of snow-capped mountains.


Gianluca Rubinacci (Hobbyist)
vestrahorn memory by Gianluca Rubinacci on 500px.com

Dimo Hristev (Pro)
White Lofoten by Dimo Hristev on 500px.com

Thanayu Jongwattanasilkul (Pro)
Sunrise over volcanic Kirkjufell mountain with waterfall flowing in summer by Thanayu Jongwattanasilkul on 500px.com

Bahadir Sansarci (Hobbyist)
Tuscany Panorama by Bahadir Sansarci on 500px.com

Mike Tesselaar (Pro)
Seixal, Madeira by Mike Tesselaar on 500px.com


Fine Art

PRO First Place Winner

Serhii Fett
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Misterious story by Serhii Fett on 500px.com

What our Editors loved about this photo: A frame, within a frame, within a frame. There are many layers to Serhii’s image—the deep dark entry, that lacks detail with its extreme shadows, guides you to a staircase, where light pours in, and then back to darkness that is contrasted with a bold sliver of a silhouette. Every decision is intentional—the geometry of the lines and the darkness that is broken by the brightness and warmth of the yellow and pink of skin to then dissolve back to black. It’s a captivating capture that brings forth more questions.

HOBBYIST First Place Winner

Lukasz Spychala
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Cabinet of curiosities by ?ukasz Spycha?a on 500px.com

What our Editors loved about this photo: A play on perception, on what is real and what’s not, in the way that only a fine art photo can do. It’s a mesmerizing capture that plays on soft tones, reflections, and leading lines. The subject is positioned perfectly, and the distortion is so artfully done. The eye is drawn to the bold red lip and the distorted eye in a manner that draws the viewer in. At first glance, what could appear to be a simple shot is Lukasz mastering the solo subject and crafting it into a conceptual triumph.


Milos Nejezchleb (Pro)
Stoma #04 by milos nejezchleb on 500px.com

Prosto_Yanka_ph (Hobbyist)
red by Prosto_Yanka_ph on 500px.com

Alireza Karimian (Pro)
 Coalesce by alireza karimian on 500px.com

Michal Zahornacky (Pro)
Way To The Beach by Michal Zahornacky on 500px.com

Sabina Akter (Hobbyist)
Blue umbrella! by Sabina Akter on 500px.com



PRO First Place Winner

Dina Belenko
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Adventures in glass by Dina Belenko on 500px.com

What our Editors loved about this photo: The power of this shot is in the details—the water droplets, the prop styling, and the lines. Dina knows how to craft a shot in the studio, wielding artificial light to her advantage and using post-processing to elevate the shot as-needed, as is evidenced by the perfectly levitating drop of water.

HOBBYIST First Place Winner

Tinu Muller
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Night shift by Tinu Müller on 500px.com

What our Editors loved about this photo: Most winter sports photography can entail lots of white; however, Tinu’s intentional decision to distill the shot down to the essentials while catching the snowboarder suspended midair pays off. The slope of the half-pipe and the yellow of the athlete pop out from the darkness in a manner that marries both minimalist and action photography.


Yevhen Kostiuk (Pro)
Two in the pool by Yevhen Kostiuk on 500px.com

Elena Novikova (Pro)
Music by Elena Novikova on 500px.com

Nicolas Doyen (Hobbyist)
The Adventurer by Nicolas Doyen on 500px.com

Lara Mora (Hobbyist)
Medusa hair II by Iara Mora on 500px.com

Mads Thomsen (Pro)
A Portrait Series by Mads Thomsen on 500px.com



PRO First Place Winner

Nicolas Castermans
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What our Editors loved about this photo: A successful documentary photo conveys emotions through its subject while also relaying an event or experience. Nicholas hits the nail on the head with this poignant photo of a lady in the middle of a ritual that takes place in the mountains of Peru annually. Her stare drives straight at you with a sense of calm and peace amid a mass of people in celebration. There is a startling power in holding the focus of a stranger for a documentary image, and the precise clarity of the lady’s eye connects the viewer with her instantly, while keeping the crowd just in focus enough to give context to the festival.

HOBBYIST First Place Winner

Sebastian Szczepanowski
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The Fatherhood by Sebastian Szczepanowski on 500px.com

What our Editors loved about this photo: The everyday setting is ripe with opportunities for a true documentary-style photo. Sebastian’s depiction of fatherhood proves this—the creativity comes from the unique overhead vantage point, while the scene itself is quite simple: a father soothing his child in a stroller. An ordinary setting, but relayed through the camera in a way that shows an intimate relationship, a habit, and lives being lived—this is the core of documentary photography.


Roy Vereijken (Hobbyist)
_X2A5775-bewerkt by Roy Vereijken on 500px.com

Mustafa AbdulHadi (Hobbyist)
Ashura by Mustafa AbdulHadi on 500px.com

Dee Potter (Pro)
A Life's Work by Dee Potter on 500px.com

Roberto Pazzi (Pro)
The Man at the Fair by Roberto Pazzi on 500px.com

Yana Zyryanova (Pro)
memories by Yana Zyryanova on 500px.com



PRO First Place Winner

Andrea Gonar
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Hermanes by Andrea Gonar on 500px.com

What our Editors loved about this photo: A layered image telling the story of family and telling a narrative as much through the space and setting as the brother and sister duo. There is simultaneously an airy feeling through the colors used, the posing and spacing, and facial expressions, while also creating a sense of home in the props. Is he bored? Is she comfortable? Why the teddy bear? As you continue to inspect the image, more questions spring up, and the complexity of the scene leaves the viewer wondering what the true story behind it may be.

HOBBYIST First Place Winner

Oksana Karashchuk
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This is such a surprise by Oksana Karashchuk on 500px.com

What our Editors loved about this photo: A playful story unfolds between husband and wife in Oksana’s creative self-portrait. The way the photographer artfully frames and lights the male as he sits in shock makes the eye gravitate to him. He is also clearly communicated as the main character through being the only subject in focus. As the eye travels to the forefront of the image, we understand the full narrative, The wife playfully has her towel open, however, lighting is used with finesse as she stands heavily draped in the shadows to maintain an air of mystery. Photographer or storyteller—Oksana does both well.


Vincenzo Carrieri (Hobbyist)
It wasn't me.. by Vincenzo CARRIERI on 500px.com

Gustavo Chams (Pro)
Paige Spara for 1883 Magazine by Gustavo Chams on 500px.com

Refat Mamutov (Pro)
Reading a book. by Refat Mamutov on 500px.com

Darko Trajkovic (Hobbyist)
Grandma by Darko Trajkovi? on 500px.com

Arunas Gricius (Pro)
Touch my soul with peace and Love. No war no war! by Arunas Gricius on 500px.com


Commercial Content

PRO First Place Winner

Michal Jasiocha
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... by Michal Jasiocha on 500px.com

What our Editors loved about this photo: Michal Jasiocha’s photo is sharp, well-lit, and has creative lighting that makes it ideal for a variety of commercial uses. The model is exercising using rings in a gym, which can connect with themes like fitness, health, balance, endurance, and personal development. While fitness-themed commercial content can be a saturated category, Michal is able to elevate his shoot with dynamic lighting and rich copy space, perfect for potential text or branding, an essential quality for commercial photography.

HOBBYIST First Place Winner

Laro Pilartes
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Beach days in a red dress by Laro Pilartes on 500px.com

What our Editors loved about this photo: Laro uses a drone to capture the dynamic perspective of a young woman on a beach in a red dress. Because of its versatility, this photo works well with commercial photography themes of travel, vacation, and adventure, as well as conceptual issues like identity, health, and romance. The wide composition of this photo makes the model somewhat anonymous and mysterious and allows the viewer to imagine themselves in their place.


Agnieszka Wieczorek (Hobbyist)
power of water by Agnieszka Wieczorek on 500px.com

Iza Lyson (Pro)
Hi! by Iza ?yso? on 500px.com

Serge MELESAN (Pro)
Lagon de Mayotte by Serge MELESAN on 500px.com

Alex Karamanov (Pro)
Gosausee by Alex Karamanov on 500px.com

Nika Pailodze (Hobbyist)
0 (10) by Nika Pailodze on 500px.com


As we celebrate the incredible talent showcased in the 2023 500px Global Photography Awards, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participants, sponsors, and supporters who made this event possible. A special thank you to our sponsors, including JOBY, Exascend, DJI, and Xpozer, whose generous contributions helped make this year’s awards a success.

As we reflect on the incredible submissions and exceptional winners, we eagerly anticipate the next edition of the awards in 2024. With your continued support, we are confident that the 2024 awards will be even bigger and better, offering new opportunities to showcase your talent and creativity on a global stage. Stay tuned for updates, and until then, keep capturing the world through your lens.

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