April 13, 2024

Check out our 25 top-selling Licensing photos featuring animals


Animal enthusiasts, get ready to be awestruck—we’re diving into the 500px Licensing collection and highlighting the 25 top-selling Licensing photos that feature animals. These images aren’t just stunning shots of our furry and feathered friends; they also present powerful themes of connection, family, support, and our relationship with nature.

Not only creative and visually dynamic, but these photos also have all proven themselves to be valuable additions to their photographer’s portfolio, and are great examples of how animals can be used to convey a variety of themes and emotions.

Without further ado, here are the 25 top-selling 500px Licensing photos featuring animals!

Brotherhood by Burak Kiliç on 500px.com

The Family by Colin Langford on 500px.com

Flying Turtle by Trey Thomas on 500px.com

Eve, Beagle by Jessy Taylor on 500px.com

Leopard Running for life....... by Suneet Bhardwaj on 500px.com

ScottishHighlandCattle by Marco Schnyder on 500px.com

Airtime by David Merron on 500px.com

Stand your ground by Bruce Williams on 500px.com

My Family by David Bouchat on 500px.com

Feathered Friend by Annie Greevenbosch on 500px.com

Untitled by Raymond Haddad on 500px.com

The Boss by Péter Heged?s on 500px.com

Dog Kiss by Ed Fernandes on 500px.com

Monty by Mike Linnane on 500px.com

Pink by Karen Ulvestad on 500px.com

S i e s t a by Holger Ströder on 500px.com

Monty by Mike Linnane on 500px.com

Stalker by Ben Denison on 500px.com

Esperance Kangaroo by K W on 500px.com

Straigth a head by Sami Multasuo on 500px.com

Single-minded by Michael Milfeit on 500px.com

Twin Baby Elephants, East Africa by Diana Robinson on 500px.com

Cheetah by Kent Sohnemann on 500px.com

give me five by zhao hui on 500px.com

In love... by Burkhard B on 500px.com

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