November 29, 2023

September’s Licensing Rush winners are…


500px held the third Licensing Rush contest last month, and the results are in! Those who participated had all of September to get as many new photos accepted to 500px Licensing as they could, and the top three photographers would be rewarded with cash prizes!

Without further ado, the winners are…

In first place is AllNea—Olha Dobosh—$300 US prize

This September, Olha, takes first place with an astounding 447 accepted photos! After having placed second in June’s Licensing Rush, Olha secured first place by submitting a large volume of outstanding photos featuring diverse models in different scenes and settings. Olha skillfully works themes of adventure, travel, romance, technology, and sustainability into her Licensing photos.

Portrait of smiling boy with arms outstretched standing on footpath against sky by Olha Dobosh on

Portrait of young woman sitting on steps by Olha Dobosh on

Senior man cooking food by Olha Dobosh on

Couple sitting on chairs at beach against sky during sunset by Olha Dobosh on

Young woman walking on the beach by Olha Dobosh on

Low section of woman holding book while lying on bed at home by Olha Dobosh on

Man using mobile phone while standing by railing against sea by Olha Dobosh on

Coming in second place is TeeBangkok—Anucha Muphasa—$150 US prize

The silver medal belongs to Thailand-based photographer Anucha Muphasa, with 370 accepted photos. Anucha’s photos capture a mix of different elements of Thai culture from delicious street food, local wildlife, and insects, to the beautiful and wanderlust-inspiring landscapes of Thailand.

Portrait of goat standing on field by Anucha Muphasa on

Keropok lekor dipping sauce in plastic cup by Anucha Muphasa on

Close-up of Emperor Scorpion by Anucha Muphasa on

Cropped hand holding kitten  by Anucha Muphasa on

Scenic view of mangrove forest in the sea against mountain by Anucha Muphasa on

Lastly, third place goes to PetervanHaastrecht—Peter Van Haastrecht—$50 US prize

In third place with 261 accepted photos, Peter’s photos present a blend of lifestyle moments and stunning landscape photos, both of which connect with ever-popular commercial themes of sustainability, nature, and travel.

A man working in his allotment vegetable garden  by Peter van Haastrecht on

A woman working in here allotment vegetable garden  by Peter van Haastrecht on

Scenic view of flowering heather plants in front two trees next to a lake during sunrise by Peter van Haastrecht on

Scenic view of flowering plants on field against sky during sunrise by Peter van Haastrecht on

Protecting the herd by Peter van Haastrecht on

With over 1,900 photographers and over 10,000 photo submissions in September’s Licensing Rush, the competition was fierce, with many amazing photographers fighting for the top spots. Be sure to watch out for the next Licensing Rush announcement, and your chance to win!

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