May 19, 2024

Interview with Julie Floro | GBPW Episode 175


Portrait of Julie Floro

People who are being photographed are nervous, whether it’s their first time or not.

Julie Floro

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Julie Floro fantasy dreamy photography

In this episode, I speak with creative and fantasy photographer Julie Floro. Based in Pennsylvania, Julie takes ethereal photographs of people in magical-looking places. Her creative use of props, such as burning pianos and huge canvases, has attracted many photographers and clients to her work.

We talk about:

  • Posing ideas for portrait photographers
  • How Julie found success by staying true to her passion
  • Creative “risks” that you can take this week

& much more!

Julie is a fantastic example of someone who stayed true to their vision and found success. After changing her style to fit in, she decided to pursue her own dream of fantasy photography. This led to the creation of an unconventional but successful photography business. I hope that this episode inspires you to create your own unique path.

Here is a preview of our conversation with Julie Floro.

Fantasy shot by Julie Floro

Q: How would you define fantasy photography?

Julie Floro: I often think of something that doesn’t feel quite from this world. Something that transports you when you look at it. When people hear the term fantasy photography, it’s easy to think of really literal things like kings, queens, swords, and crowns.

I try to not be too literal with that term because I feel like that can box me in. Sometimes, my fantasy work is literal, like mermaids or queens. Sometimes, it’s something average that I shoot in a hyper creative way.

Fantasy photography Julie Floro

Q: On your website, you say that you guide your models every step of the way. What posing tips can portrait photography beginners share with their clients?

Julie Floro: Photography can feel super vulnerable. It’s really important to me that I create a safe space where my models don’t feel awkward. I think that the best photos happen when the subject is comfortable.

I’ll never put someone in front of the camera and expect them to know what I want. It’s my job to convey that to them. It’s our job as photographers to orchestrate the moment. Once your subject feels more comfortable, they might feel confident to start offering posing suggestions or moving on their own.

Creative fantasy photo by Julie Floro

Q: How can photographers start collaborating with other artists in their area?

Julie Floro: Reach out and ask them. If there’s someone on the Internet whom you admire, just send them a message and ask if they want to hang out, collaborate, or create something with you. The worst thing they can say is no, and that’s okay.

If it’s a brand or designers, I’d make sure that you have a clear and solid portfolio, like an Instagram account. Have a clear vision. When I reach out to wardrobe designers, I’ll often start by telling them what I admire about their work, why I think our work would mesh well, and some of my ideas.


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