November 29, 2023

Consider these 3 intercom systems for your daily rides

In our fast-paced lives, where many of us choose motorcycles for both recreational rides and our primary mode of transportation, the need to stay connected on the road is paramount. We all value the ability to communicate effortlessly while enjoying the freedom of two-wheeled travel. In this modern era, motorcycle intercom systems have become a staple in the world of motorcycle technology, enriching our riding experience and ensuring our safety.

With this in mind, let’s delve into a more detailed exploration of three exceptional choices when it comes to motorcycle communication systems. These devices not only keep us in touch with fellow riders or passengers but also offer a plethora of features that enhance our overall riding experience.

Cardo PackTalk Edge

Cardo PackTalk Edge

For those who are on the hunt for the absolute best when it comes to intercom systems, the Cardo PackTalk Edge stands out as a remarkable choice. It is true that this option carries a higher price tag than the others in the list, but the investment is well justified by the extensive range of features it brings to the table.

Cardo has firmly established itself as the most widely adopted intercom system globally, and this trend holds true in the Philippines as well. Furthermore, the integration of high-end JBL speakers adds a dimension of audio quality that truly elevates the riding experience. What’s even more impressive is its capability to pair with a maximum of 15 riders, fostering a sense of community and making group rides more enjoyable and organized.

Jabbre Boss

Jabbre Boss

Jabbre enters the comms system arena as one of the freshest contenders, and it’s making a name for itself with an affordable price point. Despite its competitive pricing, Jabbre strives to provide a feature set that rivals its more premium counterparts, ensuring that riders on a budget aren’t left wanting. One noteworthy feature of the Jabbre system is its proprietary mesh communication system. This innovation sets it apart from many standard Bluetooth-based systems by promising a more reliable and robust connection.

In addition to its solid communication capabilities, Jabbre equips its system with high-definition speakers. This not only ensures clear communication but also contributes to an enjoyable music streaming experience. Riders can appreciate quality audio while on the road, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to their journeys.

Parani M10

Parani M10

The final comms system in our lineup is the Parani M10, hailing from the well-regarded comms manufacturer, SENA. What sets this option apart is its status as the most budget-friendly choice on our list, making it particularly appealing to riders who predominantly venture solo on the open road. It’s important to note that the Parani M10 opts for simplicity, forgoing the more advanced Mesh communication system in favor of a basic Bluetooth communicator system. 

While it may lack the connectivity features of its more expensive counterparts, it still delivers a hassle-free and dependable experience. One notable convenience is its automatic smartphone pairing, which ensures a seamless connection with your mobile device. Additionally, the Parani M10 doesn’t compromise on audio quality, featuring high-definition speakers that make music streaming a genuinely enjoyable experience.

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