July 18, 2024

Smartphone Photography Tips | GBPW Episode 174


Silhouette of woman taking smartphone photographs

Smartphone photography can help you build a strong foundation for your work. Don’t underestimate it.


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Photographer taking smartphone photos during golden hour

In this episode, we share a handful of smartphone photography tips that will help you take outstanding photographs in any lighting condition or location. If you follow all of these tips, you’ll be able to take creative photographs anywhere!

We talk about:

  • The equipment you can use to take artistic smartphone photos
  • How to prepare for our upcoming 52 Week Project: Smartphone Photography Edition
  • Editing tips for smartphone photographers

& much more!

We’re really excited about our upcoming 52 Week Project for smartphone photographers. If you’re curious about the world of smartphone photography, make sure to tune in today!

Here is a preview of this episode.

Close-up of smartphone camera view of portrait

Focus on One Subject at a Time

To avoid busy compositions, you should isolate your subject.

Find one thing to photograph instead of focusing on different things in one frame. This doesn’t mean you should only photograph one kind of subject all the time, but try to keep your compositions minimal. This will make them stand out, and it will help you tell your story in a straightforward manner.

Smartphone photographer taking food photos

Buy a Flexible Tripod

Safety comes first, so make sure to buy a sturdy tripod. Flexible tripods will make your photoshoots so much more fun and creative than a standard shoot without a tripod.

Tripods can provide you with interesting angles to work with. For example, you can wrap your tripod around a branch and take high-angle shots. You can take it further by using a timer and taking self-portraits. Imagine how interesting the photos will look from a high angle!

Photographer taking smartphone photos of airport

Work on Your Smartphone Photography Editing Skills

It’s okay to not edit your photographs if that’s your style. I know a lot of photographers who don’t edit their images or make very simple edits, like boosting contrast or changing a few colours.

However, if you want your images to really stand out, you should improve your editing skills. The key is to experiment with different editing tools.

We’ll explore different editing apps in the 52 week Project: Smartphone Photography Edition, so you can look forward to that! In the meantime, have fun with different editing programs and apps. Find something that works for you.

Every photographer has their own style when it comes to photography and editing. Discover your unique vision by regularly experimenting with different tools and techniques.

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