November 29, 2023

5 reasons why you should get an adventure bike

Adventure bikes have witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity, making them the preferred choice among big bike enthusiasts in the Philippine market. In today’s market, prospective buyers are presented with a diverse array of options when it comes to adventure bikes. Whether it’s the approachable KTM 390 Adventure for beginners or the high-end BMW R 1250 GS for seasoned riders, entering the world of adventure riding has never been more accessible. With this in mind, let’s explore five compelling reasons why you should consider an adventure bike.


5 reasons why you should get an adventure bike

Big bikes aren’t always the most practical choices. They’re often viewed as fancy toys rather than reliable workhorses. In contrast, naked bikes and sportbikes usually lack storage space, unlike scooters with ample under-seat storage.

However, adventure bikes redefine the game when it comes to big bike versatility. They’re designed to handle any terrain and cover long distances, offering an array of standard and optional features. These include spacious fuel tanks and the option to add storage and luggage accessories. This means you could have a well-equipped Royal Enfield Himalayan for both daily commuting and weekend adventures.

Go anywhere

5 reasons why you should get an adventure bike

Most adventure bikes in the market are fitted with components which afford them some degree of off-road capability. Understandably so, as oftentimes, the spirit of adventure takes us beyond the confines of the paved, open road. That said, adventure bikes give you the confidence to push the limits of your riding, providing you with the added safety net of increased ground clearance, off-road capable tires, and sometimes, advanced electronics to keep the power in check. 


5 reasons why you should get an adventure bike

Given the fact that adventure bikes have been designed to tackle long distance rides as well as some off-road riding, it’s no surprise that most ADVs are pretty comfortable machines. This boils down to three things. Firstly, adventure bikes come equipped with plush, long-travel suspension setups which are designed to absorb big hits. As a result, this suspension setup makes the bike a lot more comfortable on the street. Secondly, adventure bikes Secondly, ergonomics. ADVs more often than not feature very upright ergonomics which make it extremely easy for the rider to maneuver the bike off-road, as well as provide maximum comfort for long highway stints. 

Expressway legality

5 reasons why you should get an adventure bike

When adventure calls, sometimes, we find ourselves hundreds of kilometers away from home, in a far-flung province, shredding the fire roads and single tracks. Given how far our urge for adventure can take us, having access to the nearest on-ramp on any one of Luzon’s major expressways is an extremely handy benefit. Luckily, nearly all adventure bikes available in the market are expressway legal, meaning that they’re registered with at least 400cc in displacement. 

Lots to choose from

5 reasons why you should get an adventure bike

As mentioned earlier, the boom in popularity of adventure bikes in recent years has given consumers the privilege of choice. Just a couple of years ago, adventure bikes were limited to high-displacement machines which would, more often than not, be too much to handle for first-time riders, not to mention extremely beyond most people’s budgets. These days, however, bikes like the Royal Enfield Himalayan have lowered the barrier to entry both in terms of outright performance and price point. On the other end of the spectrum, the advent of sophisticated electronic rider aids has made high-performance ADVs all the more safer and beginner friendly. 

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