December 5, 2023

Triumph refreshes the Scrambler 1200 model range for 2024

Triumph Motorcycles has just unveiled the 2024 Scrambler 1200 lineup in the global market. In this update, the 2024 Scrambler 1200 XE takes center stage with a series of welcomed improvements, while the XC model is bid farewell. As part of the lineup, Triumph introduces the brand-new 2024 Scrambler 1200 X, purposefully designed with a focus on road performance and enhanced accessibility for a broader range of riders.

Triumph refreshes the Scrambler 1200 model range for 2024

The 2024 Scrambler 1200 X addresses the needs of shorter riders with its adjustable seat height ranging from 32.28 inches to 31.29 inches, exemplifying Triumph’s commitment to inclusivity. Both the XE and X models share a robust 1,200cc Bonneville twin engine, producing 89 horsepower at 7,000 rpm and 81 pound-feet of torque at 4,250 rpm for an exhilarating riding experience. 

Although they share the same frame, the XE distinguishes itself with wider handlebars and adjustable foot controls, catering to off-road enthusiasts. While the XE leans towards off-road adventures, the X model focuses on on-road performance with the flexibility for occasional off-road excursions, ensuring versatility for riders of diverse preferences. Triumph’s design choices prioritize inclusivity and a wide range of rider dimensions.

The XE boasts a swingarm that extends 1.26 inches longer, resulting in a more extended wheelbase—detailed measurements can be found in the Dimensions section. Additionally, both models come equipped with new Marzocchi suspension systems, with the X focusing on on-road performance and the XE tailored for off-road adventures, featuring full adjustability. In terms of braking, the XE features Brembo Stylema front calipers paired with 320mm rotors, while the X opts for Nissin axial calipers and 310mm rotors for its braking system.

Both models sport side-laced, wire-spoke wheels, but they come with distinct factory tires—Metzeler Tourance on the XE and Metzeler Karoo Street on the X. Standard features across both models encompass cornering ABS, traction control, and a torque-assist clutch, ensuring safety and control. The X offers a choice of five ride modes, while the XE elevates the off-road experience with Off-Road Pro mode, enabling riders to customize off-road settings to their liking. Additionally, the XE boasts a vivid full-color TFT display with adjustable contrast, enhancing readability in various lighting conditions, whereas the X features a hybrid LCD/TFT display that complements the Scrambler aesthetic.

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