July 18, 2024

Peugeot Motocycles releases first batch of XP400 adventure scooters


Peugeot Motocycles releases first batch of XP400 adventure scooters

Peugeot Motocycles Philippines¬†achieved a noteworthy moment in its presence within the country. The renowned French brand, operating under the Motostrada group, hosted a casual event to celebrate the introduction of their inaugural XP400 adventure scooters to the eager customer base. Peugeot’s latest addition to the adventure-scooter segment is the XP400, which made its debut last year at EICMA 2022.

This model is designed to handle a wide range of terrains, boasting impressive features like high ground clearance and a robust 400cc single-cylinder engine generating a respectable 36.7 horsepower. Whether navigating through city streets, provincial roads, winding mountain paths, or trails, the XP400 proves to be a versatile two-wheeled companion. It rides on a 17-inch front wheel and a 15-inch rear wheel, offering ample height for most light trails. Additionally, the scooter’s suspension provides 140 millimeters of front travel, ensuring a comfortable ride. Safety is also a priority, with twin disc brakes and a standard dual-channel ABS system to handle braking duties.

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