September 22, 2023

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A Magical Escape for All Ages, Nestled in the heart of Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines, Enchanted Kingdom stands as a beacon of enchantment and excitement. Since its inception, this sprawling amusement park has captured the hearts and imaginations of visitors from all walks of life.

With its diverse range of attractions, thematic zones, and captivating performances, Enchanted Kingdom has earned its reputation as one of the premier amusement parks in the region. Drawing families, friends, and thrill-seekers alike, it offers a truly magical escape where dreams come to life and memories are etched forever.

Enchanted Kingdom is not merely an amusement park; it’s an immersive experience that transports visitors to different realms of wonder. Divided into distinct thematic zones, each area of the park offers a unique ambiance and a collection of attractions tailored to match its theme.

Entrance Fee

  • JUNIOR PWD – P550

Operating Hours

  • Thursday-Sunday: 11 AM–8 PM | Monday-Wednesday: Closed


  • RSBS Boulevard, San Lorenzo Rd, South, Santa Rosa, 4026 Laguna

Contact Number


Space Shuttle

An icon in itself, the Space Shuttle is a roller coaster that launches visitors on a thrilling journey through loops and twists. As the name suggests, this ride replicates the sensation of a space shuttle launch, providing an adrenaline-pumping experience that’s not for the faint of heart. The anticipation builds as riders are secured into their seats, and the moment the coaster begins its ascent, the heart races with excitement. The loops and corkscrews that follow make the Space Shuttle a favorite among those seeking a truly exhilarating adventure.

Anchors Away

A classic pirate ship ride with a twist, Anchors Away swings back and forth, giving riders a sensation of soaring high above the ground. The arc of the swing becomes more daring with each pass, ensuring plenty of screams and laughter from riders. The breathtaking views combined with the stomach-flipping sensation make Anchors Away a must-try for those looking for a mix of nostalgia and thrill.

EKstreme Tower

For those with nerves of steel, the EKstreme Tower offers an experience like no other. This towering structure propels riders to the top before suddenly dropping them at freefall speeds. The combination of anticipation and the sudden rush of adrenaline as the floor gives way creates an unforgettable sensation. The panoramic views from the top add a touch of awe to the excitement, making EKstreme Tower a heart-stopping adventure.

Rio Grande Rapids

Cooling down doesn’t mean sacrificing excitement, thanks to the Rio Grande Rapids. This water ride takes riders on a tumultuous journey through swirling waters and unexpected drops, leaving everyone soaked and exhilarated. With its unpredictability and the thrill of water splashes, this ride is a perfect choice for both adventurers and those seeking respite from the heat.

Flying Fiesta

A delightful ride for families and kids, Flying Fiesta takes riders on a gentle whirl through the air. Shaped like colorful hot air balloons, each gondola offers a serene yet playful experience as it rotates around the central tower. The gentle motions and cheerful atmosphere make Flying Fiesta a ride that appeals to visitors of all ages.

Jungle Log Jam

Combining elements of a flume ride and a log flume, Jungle Log Jam offers a watery adventure through the heart of the jungle. Riders are taken on a scenic journey before descending into a thrilling splashdown, sending water cascading around them. The blend of excitement and visual beauty makes this ride a favorite among families and those looking for a slightly tamer adventure.

Wheel of Fate

Providing a mesmerizing panoramic view of the entire park and its surroundings, the Wheel of Fate is a towering Ferris wheel that offers a blend of relaxation and awe. As the gondolas gently rise, passengers are treated to breathtaking vistas that stretch beyond Enchanted Kingdom’s borders. This ride is particularly enchanting during sunset and in the evening when the park’s lights illuminate the landscape below.


For those seeking a different kind of thrill, Rialto offers a cinematic experience in a 4D theater. With state-of-the-art technology, this attraction brings movies to life with moving seats, wind effects, and more. Visitors can choose from a variety of films, each providing an immersive and captivating adventure that’s perfect for a change of pace.

Up, Up & Away

Another family-friendly attraction, Up, Up & Away takes riders on a gentle ascent into the sky in whimsical hot air balloon-shaped gondolas. The slow rotation provides a relaxing yet captivating experience that’s perfect for families and those seeking a tranquil moment amidst the excitement.

Bump N’ Splash

Bringing a splash of fun to bumper cars, the Bump N’ Splash ride is a unique take on a classic favorite. Riders navigate bumper boats through a watery arena, attempting to bump into each other while avoiding the sprays of water that accompany the collisions. It’s a lighthearted and refreshing adventure that’s perfect for a warm day.

Safety and Guidelines

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Enchanted Kingdom places a high priority on guest safety. Be sure to follow all safety guidelines, height restrictions, and health protocols indicated for each attraction. Height requirements are strictly enforced to ensure the safety of all visitors.

Food and Facilities

The park offers a wide range of dining options, from quick bites to full meals. You can enjoy a variety of cuisines, snacks, and beverages throughout the park. Additionally, there are restrooms, nursing stations, and other facilities to ensure a comfortable visit for families with children.

Events and Shows

Enchanted Kingdom often hosts special events, concerts, and shows during holidays and peak seasons. Check their official website or social media pages to stay updated on any upcoming events that might coincide with your visit.

In a world often dominated by the mundane and the routine, Enchanted Kingdom stands as a testament to the enduring power of imagination and the human spirit’s desire for adventure. From the moment visitors step through its gates, they are greeted by an atmosphere that encourages them to leave behind their worries and embrace the thrill of the moment. 

Laughter rings out, screams of excitement punctuate the air, and smiles are shared among strangers turned friends as they embark on this collective journey of enjoyment. Enchanted Kingdom is more than a destination; it’s a treasure trove of memories waiting to be discovered. 

It’s the place where families strengthen their bonds, friends create stories they’ll retell for years, and individuals find a respite from the challenges of everyday life. As the sun sets on another day of joy and adventure, visitors leave with their hearts full and their spirits uplifted, already anticipating their next magical encounter with the wonders of the Enchanted Kingdom. 

This amusement park isn’t just a physical space; it’s a realm where dreams take flight and the enchantment of childhood lives on in the hearts of all who visit.

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