May 19, 2024

5 standout features of the all-new CFMOTO 450NK

In recent years, CFMOTO has been making impressive strides in its development. The company has come a long way from its modest beginnings, with notable advancements in technology, performance, and styling. A prime illustration of this progress is the all-new CFMOTO 450 NK, a motorcycle we’ve had the opportunity to ride multiple times. It’s intended as the follow-up to the very popular 400NK, and to be honest, it’s a significant departure from the previous bike. It’s lighter, more powerful, packed with advanced technology, and sports a modernized design. In every aspect, it’s just plain better. Now, let’s delve into five notable features of the new 450 NK.

Potent yet tractable engine

Let’s kick things off with the core of the bike: its engine. It’s fueled by a 449cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, parallel-twin engine. However, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill parallel-twin. The 450 NK ditches the lackluster 180-degree setup found in the 400NK. Instead, it adopts a 270-degree crankshaft with an uneven firing order. This change translates to more low-end torque, making it both sound and perform like a 90-degree V-twin engine. With 50 horsepower and 39 Newton-meters of torque, it boasts class-leading specifications.

Lightweight construction

While the previous 400NK was often likened to a chunky pig, the 450 NK is a bona fide agile streetfighter. Its completely redesigned foundations have led to a significant weight loss. The bike now weighs in at a svelte 165 kg – as against its predecessor’s whopping 203 kg, positioning it as one of the lightest naked bikes with a parallel-twin engine on the market. It features a lightweight trellis frame, compact aluminum wheels, and inverted front forks, all contributing to its newfound agility.

Cutting-edge technology

The 450 NK has left behind its image as a budget naked bike. Beyond the enhanced performance and reduced weight, it’s now a showcase of modern engineering. It comes equipped with sophisticated tech features typically reserved for pricier models, such as a full-color TFT display, dual-channel ABS, and even a traction control system (TCS) that can be deactivated for those seeking a more performance-focused ride.

Eye-catching styling

CFMOTO’s design has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, and the 450 NK is a prime example of this evolution. It boasts a thoroughly modern look characterized by sharp angles and bold body panels, exuding a futuristic aura. Angular LED lights contribute to its menacing front end, while its athletic posture complements its lightweight build, emphasized by its pointed tail and exposed frame.


Naked bikes are known for their versatility, and the CFMOTO 450 NK is no exception. It offers upright ergonomics, perfect for everyday riding. Yet, it’s sporty enough to deliver an exhilarating experience on winding roads, thanks to its capable brakes, suspension, and lightweight design. With just the right amount of power for an exciting ride, it remains user-friendly, making it an approachable choice for beginners.

Moreover, it’s highly customizable to suit various riding styles—whether you’re into touring, daily commuting, or even track and performance riding. All in all, it offers excellent value for money, with a price tag of P262,800.

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