July 18, 2024

Important Photography Lessons to Learn


When you get frustrated while taking photos, you might be tempted to give up. Instead, take a break for a day or two. You’ll likely find inspiration again soon.

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In this episode, you’ll be introduced to a few important photography lessons that I wish I had known sooner. After 14 years of taking photos, I have a lot of solutions to problems that photographers face every day. Let’s go over them together!

We talk about:

  • The mindset that will help you stop comparing yourself to other photographers
  • How to thrive as a photographer both online and offline
  • Tips for anyone who’s feeling frustrated with their photos

& much more!

Photography is a world with limitless possibilities, which can feel daunting sometimes. When you familiarise yourself with common issues and solutions, you’ll be able to improve the quality of your work and have better photoshoots.

Here is a preview of this episode.

photographer taking photos next to store

How to Stop Comparing Yourself

No matter how experienced you are, you’ll always come across a photographer with more experience, a more prestigious job title, or more achievements than you. This can be a frustrating thought, especially if you want to succeed in the photography industry.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution that can help you make peace with other people’s success. Even if you’re working in a competitive industry, you can still thrive without needing to compare your work to anyone else’s. The next time you find yourself feeling envious or anxious because of someone else’s photographs, wish them even more success.

This might feel weird at first, but it will get easier with practice. Wishing someone more happiness and success can make you feel more positive and prevent you from comparing yourself even more.

Reach Out to Photographers

Reaching out to people is an important skill that can transform your work and help you build a strong network in the photography industry. Instead of waiting for people to find your work, put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid of sharing your photos online, asking for feedback, and personally messaging people.

The more people you connect with, the easier it will be to find a group of photographers who understand you and value your work. If you’re looking for a supportive photography community, you’re in the right place! Join our online community today to find daily inspiration, receive constructive criticism, and connect with an international group of photographers.

Don’t Let the Rules Limit You

Rules are guidelines that can significantly boost your photography knowledge and make you more confident during your photoshoots. However, they don’t need to be followed all the time. It’s just as important to strengthen your creative intuition.

Intuition is much more abstract than learning a set of rules, but it can improve your photography in a multitude of ways. To develop your intuition, take photographs without any guidelines. Break the rules on purpose. Take photos that look good to you, analyse them, and see how you can do better.

The more you do this, the closer you’ll get to strengthening your unique intuition as a photographer.

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