December 5, 2023

QJ Motor goes electric with the new OAO Pro sportbike in China


QJ Motor goes electric with the new OAO Pro sportbike in China

Electric motorbikes and scooters are actively influencing the trajectory of urban transportation. Nevertheless, the present-day market predominantly comprises compact scooters and practical two-wheelers designed for specific purposes. This trend is easily understandable given the increasing number of cities advocating for noise-free, eco-friendly commuting options.

With advancements in battery technology, an increasing number of manufacturers are introducing electric motorcycles focused on enjoyment and leisure. A notable instance is the Chinese company QJ Motor, which has unveiled the OAO Pro, formerly known as the QJ Motor RX, an electric sportbike initially presented at EICMA 2022. This motorcycle has undergone improvements in China, resulting in a heightened range from the initial 120 kilometers showcased at EICMA to an impressive 170 kilometers per charge for the new OAO Pro model.

QJ Motor goes electric with the new OAO Pro sportbike in China

In terms of performance, the OAO Pro is equipped with a mid-mounted electric motor that delivers a steady output of five kilowatts, equivalent to around seven horsepower. The motor’s peak performance reaches 10 kilowatts (about 14 hp), providing an extra surge of power for overtaking maneuvers. Despite its power specifications, this motorcycle is likely to feel notably quicker due to its consistent power delivery throughout the rev range, resulting in immediate responsiveness and quick acceleration. Its propulsion is fueled by a 72-volt, 90-ampere-hour battery pack, which is also replenished gradually through regenerative braking.

With these performance metrics, the QJ Motor OAO Pro achieves a maximum speed of 100 Km/h. This is certainly notable for a city-oriented commuter vehicle, though it might not be as impressive for a fully-faired sportbike. However, QJ’s intention appears to be centered around creating a “sportbike-style commuter” rather than an out-and-out sportbike. Notably, they’ve aimed to retain the sensation of riding an internal combustion engine-powered sportbike by integrating a manual transmission, albeit with a modest four gears.

QJ Motor goes electric with the new OAO Pro sportbike in China

Weighing in at 164 kilograms, the QJ Motor OAO Pro boasts a relatively light weight among electric motorbikes. Additionally, its sporty design incorporates a low seat height of 780 millimeters, catering to riders of smaller stature. The inclusion of ABS-equipped brakes guarantees secure braking, complemented by LED lighting for clear road visibility. Notably, an LCD instrument cluster, accompanied by a convenient USB socket, provides riders with essential information about their journey.

The price of this high-quality sporty electric motorbike might be unexpected. In contrast to the costly but lower-capacity electric motorcycles available in the US and Europe — such as Zero and Energica — QJ Motor is offering it for just 29,999 Yuan, approximately P228,000. Moreover, a premium variant with fast-charging capability (full charge in four hours) is priced at 31,999 Yuan, around P244,000. Nonetheless, it remains uncertain whether QJ intends to market the OAO Pro beyond China.

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