July 18, 2024

IKEA Philippines’ Updated Opening Times & Everything You Must Know  – Peso Lab


IKEA, the well-known Swedish furniture company, has finally stepped foot in the country, causing an uproar of enthusiasm among locals and enthusiastic home designers in the IKEA Philippines. 

A new era of home furnishing options is introduced as the nation joyfully welcomes the famous blue and yellow stores. IKEA has won the hearts of millions of people all over the world with its dedication to providing creative solutions, fashionable yet affordable designs, and a hint of Scandinavian charm. 

The way Filipinos view interior design and home remodeling has changed significantly as a result of this momentous milestone.

Prepare to enter a world of contemporary design, accessibility, and limitless possibilities as we reveal the most recent IKEA Philippines store hours and important details. IKEA’s arrival in the Philippines is expected to revolutionize the field of interior design and furnishings. 

Whether you’re looking to modify the look of your living spaces, give your house more practicality, or simply enjoy the thrill of discovery!

IKEA Philippines

In the Philippines, there has been much anticipation for the arrival of IKEA, a renowned Swedish multinational firm known for its ready-to-assemble furniture and home furnishings. One of the leading furniture merchants on the planet, it is renowned for its reasonably priced yet fashionable designs that suit a variety of preferences and demands.

The Mall of Asia complex in Pasay City is where the first IKEA shop in the Philippines is located. According to reports, the shop, which has a sizable retail space, is one of the biggest IKEA stores in the whole world.

The company is well recognized for its wide variety of goods, which include cookware, lighting, textiles, home accessories, decor for different rooms, and more. The selection at the shop was anticipated to be as varied as that seen at other IKEA sites.

IKEA Philippines’ Updates Opening Times

IKEA Store Daily, 10:00AM – 7:00PM
Swedish Restaurant 9:30AM – 6:00PM
Bistro Level 2 9:30AM – 6:00PM

How to Travel to IKEA

IKEA Pasay City is located inside the Mall of Asia Complex, next to SM Mall of Asia and located between the SMX Convention Center and MOA Arena.

Here’s how to get to IKEA via transportation options:

  1. Navigate to any MRT Station.
  1. To get to Taft Station, use the MRT. Get there.
  1. Take a bus or jeepney headed for MOA.
  1. Arrive at the unloading area, which is right in front of the mall and close to the MOA Globe.
  1. Take the escalator to the second floor after entering the mall. Turn left and proceed through the outdoor space all the way to the MOA Square entrance.
  1. IKEA’s entrance is located inside MOA Square. Because to its striking blue and yellow motif, it is unlikely to miss.

If you drive, you might be able to find parking spaces at the IKEA building or at nearby buildings that are all connected. Parking shouldn’t be a problem because this area is dedicated to hosting concerts and other events.

IKEA Showroom

The IKEA Philippines structure has a total of five floors. The company’s inner offices are located on the top level, while the third and fourth floors are where the bulk of the store is located. The size of this shop cannot be overstated at this point.  

Each floor feels virtually limitless, similar to many IKEA stores throughout the world, although we don’t know if we would mind becoming lost there for the rest of our lives.

The Showroom is located on the fourth floor. is mostly made up of displays that have been carefully selected using only IKEA goods. These areas are furnished from top to bottom with IKEA furniture, décor, ornaments, tools, and other items and are designed to seem like typical rooms in your house. 

As you go through the showroom, you can clearly see how their products might appear in your house or how they can be decorated in your living spaces because they are made to encourage customers to develop their own distinctive interior styles.

Living Room, Living Room Storage, Workspaces, Dining, Kitchen, Bathroom Furniture, Bedroom, Wardrobes and Storage, and Children’s IKEA are the nine categories into which the furniture on the fourth level is classified.

IKEA Market Hall

Smaller treasures including home décor, bedroom accessories, storage options, lighting fixtures, bathroom supplies, culinary utensils, and much more can be found on IKEA Philippines’ third level, also known as the Market Hall.

Tableware and Cookshop, Textiles, Bed Textiles, Bathroom Accessories, Home Organization, Lighting, Wall Decor and Mirrors, Home Decoration, Plants and Outdoor Furniture, and Rugs are the 10 categories that make up this list of items.

Where to Eat at IKEA 

You’re in for a treat if you’re a foodie since IKEA Philippines will offer four primary food-related zones, so you can refill your home pantry or fill up straight away. These locations include the IKEA Café, the Swedish Restaurant, and the Swedish Bistro.

You could try the food of this country where IKEA is based in the Swedish Restaurant, which is on the fourth level. For starters, you may satisfy your need for their well-known Swedish Meatballs (priced starting at P159 for eight pieces), which are covered in gravy and served with mashed potatoes, broccoli, and the traditional Nordic lingonberry jam for a luscious, fruity flavor that contrasts the other savory ingredients.

The Salmon Fillet and Crunchy Almond Chocolate Cake for dessert are just a couple of the other meals you can enjoy.

Visit the Swedish Bistro and the IKEA Café on the third floor if you’re looking for a quickly prepared and light meal. Fill up with a light food and a beverage if you like; it will be great after an exhausting day of shopping! 

Enjoy and Have Fun Shopping at IKEA!

Let your creativity fly as you come to a close with the visit of IKEA Philippines, and use the limitless possibilities that lie behind these cheerful blue and yellow walls to alter your home. 

IKEA’s presence in the Philippines is more than just a store—from browsing cutting-edge designs to indulging in scrumptious food, it’s an expression of comfort, style, and a reimagined future of home life. 

Come and join the many Filipinos and people all around the world who have made IKEA a treasured part of their own homes and lives.

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