July 18, 2024

500px Commercial Grant: A Day in the Life


500px strives to capture authentic representation within the global experience. As part of the 500px Commercial Grants program, we provide photographers with opportunities that encourage inclusivity within commercial photography.

500px is awarding five $1,000 US Commercial Grants to photographers who best capture diverse, real-life moments through their photos.

elderly mother with her daughter drinking tea, Russia, Raisa Agafonova by Aks Huckleberry on 500px.com

Working in quarantine  by Olha Dobosh on 500px.com

A Day in the Life

500px photographers have an opportunity to contribute to a Commercial Collection that looks to help evolve the visual of stock photography and foster a better, more authentic, and diverse perspective. Celebrating the diverse stories of people all around the globe, we’re looking for content that highlights the daily routines, challenges, achievements, and interpersonal connections that make up life, and how these moments look different from person to person.

Technology by Max Fernandes on 500px.com

Young woman Applying Make-up in mirror, Delator "Dela" Hini by Hagar Wirba on 500px.com

The theme

A Day in the Life aims to shine a light on the diverse and genuine stories of people around the world. People over the age of 65 represent 15-28% of the world’s population but are represented in less than 10% of advertisements. Similarly, Pew Research found that 85% of Gen Z, which as a whole represents 26% of the global population, want to see more authenticity, diversity, and inclusion within advertising. Content that shows often overlooked individuals and stories can help evolve the visual landscape of stock photography, and correct this historical underrepresentation.

It is our hope that when the global 500px community approaches this theme, it will result in a rich collection of diverse and unique stories.

Brushing Brushing by Marvin Herrera on 500px.com

Caucasian woman acupuncturist  by Winnie Bruce on 500px.com

There are three different age-based categories to which you can submit your photo based on the age of the model:

  • Youth: models up to the age of 21
  • Adult: models between the ages of 22 to 49
  • Senior: models aged 50+

Five recipients will be chosen across the categories, and each photographer will be tasked with developing an expanded commercial series around their respective category.

Children playing in the outdoor pool  by Edyta Pawlowska on 500px.com

indian woman doing yoga and relaxing by ashvini sihra on 500px.com

Winners and selection process

Five photographers will each receive a $1,000 US grant to develop a larger commercial series that will be featured in the 500px Commercial Collection.

Commercial Grants will be awarded by the 500px team and will be selected based on the applicant’s ability to execute the requirements of the Commercial Grant. 500px will take into account the photographer’s portfolio as well as the narrative within their submissions.

Son with mom having fun on green lawn with soap bubbles in summer public park, together in sunny day by Alexander Golubev on 500px.com

Happy japanese family spending time outdoor by Cristian Negroni on 500px.com

To be considered

Read the Quest Brief and Submit your photos!

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