May 19, 2024

Yamaha unveils 2024 Tenere 700 in the global market

Yamaha has recently introduced the eagerly anticipated 2024 Tenere 700, showcasing a series of considerate and practical enhancements that make it a promising option in the ever-evolving global market. While this iteration may not represent a radical overhaul, the array of novel features it presents is undoubtedly appealing to riders considering acquiring the 2024 T7.

The 2024 Tenere 700 from Yamaha introduces an upgraded interface, featuring a five-inch color TFT display and a convenient scrolling dial on the right handlebar. Riders can choose between modern or retro analog-style display options. The bike also offers Bluetooth smartphone connectivity via the Y-Connect app, allowing users to view text and phone call notifications on the dashboard and record ride data for later analysis, enhancing the overall riding experience.

2024 Yamaha Tenere 700

In addition to the previous updates, Yamaha has introduced three more enticing enhancements for the 2024 Tenere 700. Firstly, the bike now boasts LED turn signals at the front and rear, increasing visibility and safety on the road. Secondly, it comes pre wired from the factory to accommodate the Yamaha quickshifter, providing riders with the option to enjoy seamless gear shifts at an extra cost. 

Lastly, the ABS mode offerings have been expanded, offering three distinct options: Mode One with full ABS activation for both front and rear wheels, Mode Two with ABS on for the front wheel and off for the rear, and Mode Three, which deactivates ABS entirely, granting riders greater control over their braking preferences. These thoughtful updates make the 2024 T7 an even more appealing choice for riders seeking a versatile and technologically advanced adventure companion.

2024 Yamaha Tenere 700

Here in the Philippines, the Yamaha Tenere 700 has proven to be one of the most popular middleweight adventure bikes in the market. Despite its expensive price tag of P669,000, both casual riders and ADV aficionados alike gravitate towards this bike, with Yamaha for a time struggling to keep up with demand. While the updated 2024 T7 has yet to be launched here in the local market, we can expect these updates to trickle in before 2023 draws to a close. 

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