April 13, 2024

BMW unveils the CE 02 electric motorcycle in the global market


BMW unveils the CE 02 electric motorcycle in the global market

BMW Motorrad has recently revealed its latest electric motorcycle, the CE 02. The final version of the CE 02 closely resembles the concept version in terms of design. While the BMW CE 04 caters to urban professionals seeking a distinctive electric commuting experience, the BMW CE 02 specifically targets young riders who may have little to no prior experience with powered two-wheelers. The company describes it as an “eParkourer,” although the exact meaning of that term remains unclear.


In the global market, the brand-new BMW CE 02 will be available in three variations: regular, Highline, and AM-license restricted. The CE 02 delivers a maximum power output of 11 kilowatts or 15 horsepower, accompanied by 55 Nm of torque, which places it in a similar performance range as familiar 150cc scooters. The CE 02 incorporates a steel double-loop frame design, while its suspension comprises an upside-down telescopic front fork with hydraulic damping, and a single-sided swingarm and shock absorber arrangement at the rear, allowing for adjustable preload.

The production version retains the 14-inch cast alloy disc wheels from the concept model. For braking, the CE 02 features disc brakes both at the front and rear, with standard ABS included in the front. The motorcycle is equipped with LED lighting throughout, and the front brake lever is adjustable. The standard CE 02 model offers two predefined ride modes: Flow and Surf. Flow is designed to optimize performance for urban riding, particularly in congested stop-and-go traffic situations. On the other hand, Surf is tailored for more dynamic riding experiences beyond urban areas. If you choose the Highline variant of the CE 02, you’ll have access to an additional ride mode called Flash. Flash mode offers enhanced performance capabilities compared to the standard modes.



The standard CE 02 model is equipped with a 0.9-kilowatt external charger. Using a regular household electrical outlet, this charger allows you to charge the motorcycle from 20 to 80 percent of its battery capacity in approximately three hours. If you opt for the Highline variant, you will receive a 1.5-kilowatt quick charger. While the term “quick” is relative, this charger can significantly reduce the charging time to approximately one hour and 40 minutes compared to the standard charger.

The pricing and availability of the BMW CE 02 can vary depending on the region. In the United States, only the 11kW version will be offered, with the base model starting at $7,599, which is approximately equivalent to P402,800. Additionally, the Highline package can be added for an extra cost of $875, or approximately P48,000. Close to P500,000 for an electric motorcycle with 15 horsepower seems like a lot of money, and indeed it is. That said, if this ever makes its way to the Philippines, expect it to be more of an enthusiast’s toy than the working man’s commuter. 

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