July 18, 2024

Workshop on academic writing held for ARDS scholars


Academic writing equips students with the tools to communicate ideas and conduct research in a clear and organized way. It develops students’ critical thinking skills in evaluating and grasping information better. 

As part of building advocacy for such practice, the Learning Resource Center (LRC) of UPLB recently held a face-to-face workshop on academic writing for Agricultural and Rural Development Scholarship (ARDS) scholars.

“The Write Stuff” workshop, designed to help the participants develop their academic writing skills, was held on May 22, 2023, at the LRC Training Room.

 LRC Director John Mervin L. Embate, a faculty member at the College of Development Communication, was the workshop’s resource person. 

He discussed crafting persuasive arguments, understanding sentence structure and grammar rules, and writing for different audiences.

The workshop was well-received by the participants, who said they learned much about academic writing. They appreciated the opportunity to learn from an expert in the field.

“It was a great refresher of basic concepts on sentence construction and the like,” said Ana Braza, a 22-year-old ARDS scholar. “It can be used highly in thesis writing. It will help so much as a reference for academic writing,” she added.

“I enjoyed it because it has helped me improve my academic writing,” said Sophia, an 18-year-old ARDS scholar. “I learned new things, such as using the hyphen and dash,” she emphasized.

The LRC is committed to helping students develop their academic writing skills through alternative learning activities that help in intellectual engagement. “The Write Stuff” workshop is just one example of LRC’s efforts to provide students with the resources they need to succeed in their studies.

“These special workshops #TeamLRC creates for ARDS scholars make me feel their support. It makes me miss my previous journalism training and serves as a reminder and encouragement for me to be competitive not only in journalism but also in terms of the quality of our academic writing,” Sophia added.

The activity was a customized training program designed to help ARDS scholars based on their suggestions from another activity entitled “ARDS Kumustahan.” LRC provided a venue for ARDS scholars regarding their concerns and recommendations to equip them through academic improvement.

#TeamLRC is dedicated to making more programs that cater to learners’ needs as part of their mandate as an office under the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (OVCSA).

For more information and updates on LRC’s events and activities, follow them on their social media platforms @uplblrc. (Cedrick Dalvin S. Alolor)

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