December 5, 2023

OPR hosts workshop series on events management, information dissemination, and media relations


The Office of Public Relations (OPR) recently initiated a workshop for UPLB’s Committee on Information, Media Relations, and Communication (CIMRC).

The CIMRC is a network of UPLB personnel appointed by the heads of colleges or units to promote and disseminate information to the public on their activities, plans, and initiatives through the various media platforms managed by OPR.

CIMRC members produce media materials, create and distribute media content, provide information for important events, assist in the dissemination of news and updates, manage online platforms, coordinate media relations activities, and oversee event protocols. 

Mark Lester Chico, director of OPR and assistant professor at the College of Development Communication, served as resource person in the first session of the workshop on June 20 at the ICOPED Auditorium.

His topic “Making University Events Worthwhile” focused on live events management at the University. 

Attendees participated in an icebreaker game centered around UPLB. Following the game, Chico delivered an engaging lecture on live events management, sharing his extensive experience and providing valuable insights into organizing successful university events.

OPR will be holding the following workshops to enhance CIMRC members’ communication and media relations skills: article writing on June 22, social media management on July 4, media relations and protocol workshop on July 6, and visual design on July 11. (Justine Manipol)

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