December 1, 2023

LRC holds Mid-Year Kumustahan for ARDS grantees


The UPLB Learning Resource Center (LRC) organized the ARDS Mid-Year Kumustahan on May 8, 2023.

Facilitated by Sheryl Edd Hermosa-Ebron, ARDS coordinator, the event aimed to provide an opportunity for Agricultural and Rural Development Scholars (ARDS) to reconnect, check on each other, and plan upcoming training sessions and community projects.

During the event, participants engaged in a “kumustahan” session where they had the chance to express their thoughts and feelings. 

According to the participants, this session had a meaningful impact on those among them who were facing personal challenges.

Ma. Teresa Santos, a student taking up Doctor in Veterinary Medicine (DVM), said “Sometimes a simple kumusta impacts the person, especially kapag may pinagdadaanan. For me, the memorable moment was the mood check, through which, with a simple color coding, we reflected on what we were feeling and shared our thoughts with others. From this, we were able to laugh and brighten up each other’s mood.”

Ian Mhar Gabriel Aguila, a graduating BS Math and Science Teaching student, talked about the importance of the event in maintaining camaraderie among the ARDS scholars.

He said, “I think this short kumustahan with my fellow ARDS scholars helps maintain our members’ closeness. This kind of internal activity also allows us to have a breather where we can find peace and calm by sharing our thoughts and experiences without any judgments.”

Jezreel Dela Tore, a DVM student, described how the event transformed her Monday morning from anxiety and fatigue to hope, strength, and resilience.

“That Monday morning, I was down, anxious, frustrated, and tired because of my hectic schedule. The experience was new and unexpected for me because, in a span of minutes, I could let out my thoughts and frustrations. Suddenly I was not afraid to be judged. Suddenly, I felt comforted. Suddenly, I felt that everything would work out well. My day turned into a Monday full of hope, support, and comfort. I am very thankful that I was able to attend that Kumustahan and survive fearful Tuesday.”

The ARDS Mid-Year Kumustahan, organized by the UPLB Learning Resource Center (LRC), is intended to create an atmosphere of support and togetherness among the scholars and serve as a reminder of the significance of checking in on one another, listening with empathy, and fostering a supportive environment.

It aims to show LRC’s dedication to the holistic development and well-being of the ARDS scholars. (Vonne Carl Merrill Malabrigo)

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