December 5, 2023

Lending a helping hand to students on “hell” week


It is the time of the semester students dread the most—stressful finals week.  Deadlines building up one on top of each other, exams here and there, and financial due dates. 

Through different initiatives, various groups and units of UPLB try to lighten the burden on students. They have been doing this for several semesters now; the good news is that they are back.

Working with the Learning Resource Center (LRC) and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (OVCSA), #AtinAngSU is an initiative of the UPLB University Student Council (USC) to open the Student Union (SU) building LRC learning hub to the students as a communal study area. 

They can also help themselves to food and drinks that other students, alums, organizations, and private individuals donated community pantry style as part of this initiative. The LRC and USC have recognized the donors on their official Facebook pages. 

To accommodate students during the exam period, the University Library extended library hours to 10 pm during weekdays from May 22 to June 16. Several college libraries also adjusted their library hours, with some closing as late as 8 pm. 

These libraries also created “Food Box,” a food drive to help students survive finals week. Students can get coffee, snacks, and warm meals donated by generous individuals and groups from the Food Box.

To transform “hell week” into “well week,” the Institute of Human Nutrition and Food (IHNF) of the College of Human Ecology (CHE) organized the #IHNFStudentWellFair activity “Meals for Minds.” Snacks, coffee, and even ice cream were made available to students from June 9 to 21 at the IHNF Lobby. 

Safe learning spaces and food to nourish the soul, mind, and body—all brought together where and when students need them. This should enable them to endure the last stretch of the semester. 

Finals week for the second semester is scheduled on June 13-21, 2023. (Antoinette Sia)

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