December 7, 2023

Academic Staff Tours – De La Salle University


The two in person academic staff tours were held almost back to back in University of Limerick  – School of Modern Languages on October 13-15, 2022 and in Ludwigsburg University of Education on October 17-18, 2022. Program universities shared their best innovative teaching practices such as the “Cell Explorers: Hands on science for young people” by Audrey O’Grady, “Incorporating history and philosophy of science into teaching” by Dr. Genco Guralp, “The value of science education: Educating science teachers of their role in educating future scientists” and “Promoting holistic and natural engagement with the environment through education” by Dr. Deirdre O’Neill, “Applying CLIL using inclusive pedagogies” by Dr. Catherine Martin, “Pedagogical scientific language knowledge” by Corinna Mönch, “Chemistry Capital” by Dr. Lilith Rüschenpöhler, among others. Partner university delegates got to visit the science laboratories in Ludwigsburg University of Education that house the state of the art equipments and instructional packages. The visit to a local school with actual class observations allowed partner university delegates to witness teaching in action in a German school system.

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