November 29, 2023

Turn Your iPhone Or iPad Into A Mobile Recording Studio


We typically focus on home studio recording on the Sage Audio mastering blog, but using smartphones and tablets for recording are becoming more popular and can offer a great way to capture sounds and tracks on-the-go.

iRig HD is a new mobile interface for guitarists that want to create a mobile recording opportunity. The product is from IK Multimedia, the company behind the popular AmpliTube guitar modeling plugin. The new product from the company allows guitarists to plug directly into their iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac with a variety of adapters offering USB, 30-pin and Lightning compatibility.

Mobile Recording Studio

The iRig HD is about the size of a cigarette lighter and requires no additional power source. This makes it great for recording, as well as for those that want to run their live sound through an iPad.

Since mobile devices became powerful enough to run modeling and recording software, there’s been a slew of products attempting to provide the best way to connect instruments, including guitars. While some companies have used products like wraparound contraptions fit around tablets, they can sometimes seem bulky when considering the point of mobile recording is to have as little gear requirements as possible.

iRig isn’t the first of its size, and it’s not the only one that will work with Amplitube software, but it may be worth checking out for any guitarists wishing to plug in to their mobile device.

And the AmpliTube software may be a perk that interests many guitarists, as iRig comes with the free version of the software. The full version of the iOS software is $19.99, and comes with additional sound options to choose from.

All AmpliTube products are set up essentially the same, after plugging in your guitar to the device you are using, you choose the stomp box effects you want, the amp, the microphone and the mic placement to get a wide variety of tones. New versions of the software even include a recording app so you can record on the go.

However, the adapters can also be used to turn your mobile device into a guitar effects processor that you can use to perform live without the need for an amp.

The desktop version of AmpliTube offers the most variety of sounds, with 160 gear models included in the current AmpliTube 3 version. The makers of the software have partnered with companies including Fender, Orange, Seymour Duncan, Groove Tubes and Jet City to replicate classic and/or well known sounds. Additionally, the companies offers special add-ons to the software, such as Jimi Hendrix sounds and Slash guitar tones.

The iRig HD currently is only available for iOS devices, though other iRig products are available for Android, so it may be worth watching to see if it becomes available for use on these devices in the future. The mobile version of AmpliTube also is only available for iOS, though the company does offer a recording program for Android, the iRig Recorder for Android.

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