December 5, 2023

Twitter #Music Launches Spotify App


A few months ago, Twitter launched its #Music app , designed to give users on the social network an easy way to discover new music. Now the service has been integrated in a new Spotify app, which seamlessly allows Spotify users even easier access to music discovery.

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How Twitter Came to Spotify

Twitter’s foray into music discovery began when it acquired the startup We Are Hunted back in April. The startup tracked the most popular songs across various social media platforms, and at the time of acquisition already was working on a Spotify app. That development, however, was put on hold – presumably to be reworked into the current Twitter optimized version.

What’s New in the Spotify App?

The biggest question here likely is why a Twitter user would use the new app rather than just the regular #Music program, and the answer really lies in how the user is listening to music. For those already listening to music in Spotify, the new app makes it easier to discover new music.

Twitter #Music already had integration with Spotify (as long as you had the desktop version of the service), but the new app is much easier to use in conjunction with the popular streaming service. Like the Twitter version, all the information on the most popular songs is divided into different categories to help you discover new songs in different ways. To illustrate, the following are categories in the Spotify app:

  • Popular (“new music trending on Twitter”)
  • Superstars (“new music from the superstars”)
  • Unearthed (“hidden talent found in the tweets”)
  • Emerging (“the best new emerging music”)
  • Hunted (“popular music on blogs”)

The final category is similar to the category that first gained We Are Hunted notoriety before the Twitter acquisition. The app presents the category in a similar fashion that previous users already are familiar with.

The Best New Feature

However, all of the above essentially just puts the #Music app into Spotify, but there’s one new feature that may solidify the case for using the new app if you’re a Spotify user. The “+ add as playlist” button in the app does exactly what it claims, and provides an extremely simple way to make playlists.

While this is great for making playlists on the go, the best part of the feature may be the longevity it provides to these lists. Since playlists stay in Spotify until they are deleted, this feature allows users to peruse the recommended music at their leisure, taking away the immediate need to listen to the music quickly before it is replaced by other “emerging” songs and artists.

Like Twitter #Music itself, it will take some time to see how music fans respond to the service, and if they make use of it consistently. But having that playlist functionality appears to give the new Spotify app an advantage over the first Twitter version, which may make it useful to many music fans.

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