December 7, 2023

Best Sounding Virtual Pianos Pt. 2


Four recommended top piano samples.

In our last post, we looked at four of the best sounding virtual pianos on the market. In this post, we’ll complete our list with four more.

Here are four more of the top piano samples available:

Logic Steinway Grand

Logic Pro X may be the best deal in recording software. Along with a professional-grade DAW with an excellent MIDI programming feature, you get an entire library of instruments and loops. One of those instruments is the excellent Steinway Grand. It’s balanced, warm and was recorded with just enough compression to make easily fit into nearly any mix we’ve thrown at it. For all around versatility and great sound, this is a solid piano sample.

Galaxy Instruments The Giant

The Giant is unlike any other piano sample out there. Sampled from the largest upright piano in the world (twice the soundboard size of a traditional 9’ grand), it’s actually two instruments in one. The ‘Day’ version is the normal piano, which delivers deep bass and rich, detailed highs. The ‘Night’ version features an entire spectrum of special fx sounds–overtones, resonances, plucks, scratches, etc…–that are great for dramatic cinematic compositions and sound design. Along with both versions is a range of controls that let you shape the sound into precisely what you want. It’s one of a kind and well worth it.

8Dio 1928 Steinway

For an absolutely beautiful sound, 8Dio’s 1928 Steinway delivers the classic and timeless sample of a Steinway from the golden era 1920’s. It’s also probably one of the most realistic sounding samples out there, with just enough color and character to suggest you’re playing the real deal. There are plenty of settings to tweak, also, allowing for a lot of control over the sound within the player. Simply put, we’ve yet to hear a piano sample that sounds better than this one.

UVI Seiler Upright

Sampled from an upright by pristine German manufacturer Seiler, UVI’s Seiler Upright sample offers a rich, professional sound with the muddy bass and bright highs of an upright. It’s an excellent choice for a piano sample with a bit of extra character.

If you’re able to have a real piano in your studio, that’s a great setup if you can record it well. But if your studio space or budget won’t accommodate a real piano, a virtual instrument is also an excellent option for you. Any of the samples in this post or the one before would bring a great sound to your mix and add considerable production value to your compositions.

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