December 5, 2023

Jack White Finishes Record in Four Hours


Jack White has broken the world record for the fastest turnaround of a physical record. The whole process–from recording to mixing and mastering to pressing to vinyl and distributing–took just 3 hours and 55 minutes.

The “studio to store” vinyl record features the title track single of White’s upcoming album Lazaretto, which releases on June 10. The recording was made live in front of a small audience at the Blue Room at Third Man Records. Sleeves for the 45s were made from pictures taken at the short show.

In a similarly unconventional record release, White distributed vinyl singles of the track “Freedom at 21” via balloons in 2012 from his album Blunderbuss.

Third Man Records is a Nashville-based independent label, venue and record store founded by White in 2001. All of the White’s albums as well as works by many other artists, like The Raconteurs, have been released through Third Man.

The release is a great example of using creative mediums–in this case, near instant vinyl prints–to create buzz around a project. It’s also an interesting application of a static medium like 45s in today’s instant access online music scene.

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