June 13, 2024

HBO’s ‘Sonic Highways’ Will Showcase Iconic Studios & Artists


HBO new series 'Sonic Highways' will feature the Foo Fighters recording their newest album in America's most iconic studios.

A few months ago, HBO announced that it would be producing a new series that followed Dave Grohl across the country as he recorded a new Foo Fighters album in some of the country’s most iconic studios. Well last week HBO released a trailer for the new series titled Sonic Highways and it looks even better than it sounds.

The three and a half minute trailer shows clips from music locations in Chicago, Seattle, Austin, New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., New Orleans and Nashville. It also offers a taste of the impressive amount of contributing musicians on the project with interview excerpts from Pharrell Williams, Willie Nelson, Buddy Guy, Slash, Dolly Parton, Macklemore, LL Cool J, Bonnie Raitt, Carrie Underwood and Rick Nielsen. Even President Obama and Rudy Giuliani are shown sharing about America’s celebrated music history.

Sonic Highways premieres on October 17th and will run for eight episodes. The Foo Fighters new album, also titled Sonic Highways , will be released on November 10th.

Like with their last record, Sonic Highways , is expected to be recorded on analog tape with very little digital production. In the trailer, one of the Foo Fighters members called the new album their most ambitious project yet.

Grohl shared chronicled preference for analog over digital in his acclaimed 2013 documentary Sound City , a love letter to Los Angeles’ legendary rock recording studio of the same name.

For artists and producers, the series will offer a rare glimpse into the experience of making an analog record in some of the United States’ most historical music sites—an experience that’s long been radically transformed by computers and digital production. It will also likely provide a rich account of the history of American music told by some of its most important contributors.

Also, if it’s anything like the trailer looks and how Sound City turned out, it will be a lot of fun.

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