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ITHM welcomes home USWAT participants • Far Eastern University

Published: 9:54 am October 3, 2022 | Updated: 9:54 am October 3, 2022

Truly, FEU-ITHM prepares future-ready professionals by providing international and industry-relevant trainings.

FEU Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management held a special ceremony last September 22, 2022 for participants of the US Work and Travel (USWAT) program at the HRI office. The 39 ITHM students who were part of the program were all happy to share their enriching training experiences and new learnings. Congratulations ITHM students!

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BMW updates the S 1000 RR for the 2023 model year

BMW updates the S 1000 RR for the 2023 model year

BMW upgraded the 2023 BMW S 1000 RR with improvements to the chassis, suspension, aerodynamics, and electrical aid systems after announcing modifications to several 2023 models in July, 2022. The BMW S 1000 RR is already regarded as one of the best-performing supersports in the market. However, given the updates to the 2023 model, the bike is sharper, faster, and more optimized than ever before.

2023 BMW S 1000 RR

The new BMW S 1000 RR maintains its 999cc inline-four engine with a 6-speed gearbox and claims to produce 205 horsepower at 13,000 rpm and 83 lb-ft of torque at 11,000 rpm. It also has BMW’s variable valve timing and valve stroke ShiftCam technology, which results in more torque in the low- to mid-range and more power at the top end. The 2023 model, on the other hand, introduces a shorter secondary gear ratio that uses a sprocket with 46 rather than 45 teeth to give more rear tire traction in all gears. In order to improve the air charge and power output, particularly at higher engine speeds, the bike’s intake ducts and funnels have been modified, based on the M RR engine.

The 2023 BMW S 1000 RR has four riding modes, Rain, Road, Dynamic, and Race, with optional “Pro” race modes, just like the previous generation. Additionally standard is dynamic traction control, but new for 2023 is the Slide Control feature, which employs a steering angle sensor to drift the vehicle while accelerating. Additionally, the new S 1000 RR has two standard throttle maps that modify drive torque and throttle responsiveness and are connected to the riding modes.

2023 BMW S 1000 RR

Not only was the S 1000 RR’s overall performance increased, but also the chassis and suspension. The Flex Frame, which was introduced in 2020 and has been given additional flex as well as various new holes in the side sections, was created to enhance the load-bearing function of the engine. The offset of the triple clamps has been lowered by 0.1 inch for the new chassis, while the rake has been raised by 0.5 degrees (23.6 degrees vs. 23.1 before). Trail was raised from 3.7 to 3.9 inches. The wheelbase was also increased by 0.7 inches, to 57.4 inches.

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3 things that make the Peugeot Django 150i the perfect city commuter

3 things that make the Peugeot Django 150i the perfect city commuter

You may be familiar with Peugeot, the French car manufacturer that has made a comeback in recent years. However, did you know that under a completely separate entity owned globally by Mahindra, Peugeot also makes motorcycles and scooters? Yes, Peugeot Motocycles—without the”r” is well and truly a real thing, and it’s available in the Philippines. The brand made its local debut a few months ago under the distributorship of Motostrada.

Needless to say, the French marque is in good hands as Motostrada is also responsible for handling the likes of MV Agusta and CFMOTO in the country. That being said, Peugeot enters the local market with just one model, but it’s a scooter that’s certainly worthy of your attention, especially if you’re a practical motorcyclists looking for a versatile and dependable two-wheeler to be ridden on the daily, while carrying loads of retro-inspired charm and character. We’re talking about none other than the Django 150i, and here are a few reasons why it’s worth considering. 


Peugeot Django 150

Peugeot’s unique, modern-yet-retro appearance gives it a distinct edge in the market. The Django’s bodywork is inspired of 1950s automobiles. The Django looks like an instant classic on two wheels thanks to its rounded lines, chrome, and vivid colors. Modern construction methods and materials, together with premium bodywork that give the bike its form, add to its allure. In fact, the Django 150i has classic scooter style that is reminiscent of Vespa but with a new taste.


Peugeot Django 150

When it comes to performance, the Peugeot Django 150i clearly wants to take things slow thanks to its laid-back nature. It is powered by a 150cc, four-stroke, SOHC, twin-valve, air-cooled engine. When coupled with a CVT, the engine produces 10 horsepower and 9.2 Nm of torque. Additionally, the scooter sports a set of 12-inch wheels as well as standard ABS and disc brakes on all four corners. The bike’s 770mm seat height is sufficient for even some of the shortest riders to swing a leg over, and it has an 8.5-liter fuel capacity.

Features and price

Peugeot Django 150

Aside from its timeless, classic style, the Django 150 has all the benefits and useful extras of the reliable old scooter. It has a flat footboard for comfortable riding, a 12-volt power outlet concealed in the lockable glove box on the right side, LED lights all around, and a semi-digital dashboard, to name a few features. The cost will vary depending on the color you choose. Gray and blue are examples of solid colors, and both cost P199,000. The red and blue Sportstripe variations are more expensive, costing P205,800. The two-tone range, which starts at P216,800, blends an ivory white with either blue or red, and is arguably the most stunning hue in the collection.

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TVUP to launch on CIGNAL TV Channel 101 – University of the Philippines

TVUP, the television network operated by the University of the Philippines (UP), will officially launch on CIGNAL TV Channel 101 on October 11, 2022.

Since its inception as an internet television network in November 2016, iTVUP was organized as a public digital library of open educational resources (OERs) that could be easily accessed and freely shared among students and teachers nationally and internationally.

Even then, UP recognized the value of iTVUP to produce supplementary learning materials for students and faculty of UP, state colleges and universities (SUCs), private higher educational institutions (HEls), and the general public.

In June 2022, a partnership between UP and Cignal TV Inc. established TVUP as a broadcast satellite channel available on Cignal 101. With this partnership, TVUP has been expanding its operations by producing quality productions, such as documentaries, magazine shows, lectures, game shows, animations, teleseryes, info-tainment shows, and other shows for the benefit not only of UP students and faculty but also of the general public.

TVUP is a testament to UP’s character as the national university, a teaching, research, public service, and global/regional university, shared freely with all state universities and colleges, private and public.

According to UP President L. Danilo Concepcion, TVUP’s availability as a digital channel was a “perfect opportunity to nurture lifelong learning in our people.” He added that, through TVUP on Cignal 101, UP’s knowledge resources could be extended to as many Filipinos as possible, “whether these are students looking to enrich their lessons or ordinary citizens who wish to gain more knowledge and develop skills.”

TVUP exists as a public space to inspire innovation, creativity, critical thinking and understanding, and respect for diversity of cultures. Its lineup of high-quality programs showcases scientific breakthroughs, Philippine culture, and society, national issues and concerns, etc.

With almost 600 video productions, TVUP is an important medium in implementing a blended learning environment.

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EJ Obiena returns home –

In a Testimonial and press conference, Filipino Olympian and the world’s Top 3 Pole Vaulter Ernest John “EJ” Obiena, a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering student, was conferred the Pope John Paul II Award for his Outstanding Achievement in Sports on September 29, 2022 at the Buenaventura G. Paredes O.P., Building’s Grand Ballroom.


The award is conferred upon students who win in national or international competitions, demonstrating the commitment to pursue Thomasian excellence. “[The Pope John Paul II award] means a lot to me and I have been looking at it, it is beautiful. I never really thought that UST would recognize me and the things I have done. I have always been a part of the University even if I was away,” Obiena said.

In his message, Vice-Rector the Rev. fr. Isaias D. Tiongco, O.P., JCD lauded Obiena’s medal rush, as well as his “self-discipline, confidence, determination, and rigorous training that are bearing much fruit”.

Moreover, while reminding the world-class athlete to prioritize his well-being above everything else, the Vice-Rector gave his blessings to Obiena in preparation for the 2024 Paris Olympics. “It is the hope not only of your fellow Thomasians but, more so, to our Filipino countrymen that you come back home victorious and make us all prouder not only as a Thomasian Olympian but more prestigiously, a Thomasian Olympic Champion,” fr. Tiongco said.

Obiena, whose rise to international prominence is due to consecutive victories in various competitions, recently bagged the gold medal for soaring past 5.91 meters in the Brussels Diamond League, held in Belgium on September 2, 2022.

The renowned athlete has so far brought home 17 medals–12 of which were gold– in 2022.

He also represented the country in the Summer Olympics 2020 held in Tokyo. Obiena also snagged a bronze in the  World Athletics Championships, making him the sole Filipino to have snagged an award in the feat.

Photos by Hans Lawrence V. Malgapu

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Honda Europe updates the CB1000R and the Rebel 500 with new colors and accessories

Honda CB1000R Black Edition Europe

The European market loves their big bikes, and Honda’s one of the premier providers of two-wheeled machines in the region. To keep things fresh for the 2023 model year, Big H is fielding a few minor updates for the Honda CB1000R and the Honda Rebel 500 just to keep things a little interesting for the two neo-retro models in the lineup. 

As of now, these two models will get some minor cosmetic enhancements for the European market. 

2023 Honda Rebel 500

In the beginner-friendly corner, we have the Honda Rebel 500. The new year model refresh will receive a new lineup of colors which include Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic, Pearl Smoky Gray, and Candy Diesel Red. Black is black.

2023 Honda Rebel S

The Rebel refresh will also include a new Rebel S variant, which will include a few choice accessories to spruce up the bare-bones small-capacity cruiser. The special edition will get a headlight cowl, all-black fork gaiters, and a diamond-stitched saddle, and it will be painted in a sleek Titanium Metallic colorway. 

2023 Honda CB1000R Red

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Honda’s flagship naked offering, the CB1000R. The flagship Neo Sports Cafe naked bike gets quite a few enhancements that keep it competitive with the rest of the liter-class bikes. The model gets a full-color TFT display which is equipped with Honda’s Smartphone Voice Control and owners can enjoy a USB charging socket under the seat. We still get all the goodies with this bike like a high-end riding tech package which includes advanced traction control and ABS among other things. You also get high-end componentry in the form of the Showa Big Piston front fork, radially-mounted four-piston brake calipers, and of course that gorgeous single-sided swingarm. 

2023 Honda CB1000R Black Edition

We’re also seeing a special Black Edition for the CB1000R, and spoiler alert, it’s black. The liter-class naked bike gets a stealthy look, with blacked-out trimmings, but with a little silver sprinkled here and there to add some pop to the otherwise all-black machine. On top of that, Honda also fitted an all-black fly screen, seat cowl, and even a quick shifter. As for the colors, the CB1000R will sport the new Bordeaux Red Metallic colorway, while the Black Edition flaunts a sleek Mat Jeans Blue Metallic hue. 

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Science programs receive fresh 5-year reaccreditation from PACUCOA –

The six undergraduate degree programs of the College of Science received fresh five-year accreditations from the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA), whose endorsement led to the certifications issued by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP).

The certificates were the result of the accreditation visits done in November 2021 for the six programs, namely, BS Applied Mathematics, major in Actuarial Science, BS Applied Physics, major in Instrumentation, BS Biology (now with specializations in Environmental Biology, Industrial Biology, and Medical Biology), BS Chemistry, BS Microbiology, and BS Psychology.

Actuarial Science, Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, and Psychology maintained the Level IV Re-accredited Status. These five programs were the first programs of the University to attain the coveted top status. Meanwhile, the Applied Physics program received the Level II Re-accredited Status.

The re-accredited status is valid until November 2026.

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Spotlight on flat lay photography and how to incorporate it in your commercial portfolio


It’s a trend you’ve seen all over your social media feeds, initially popularized by brands like Sephora, Apple, and Gap and proliferating under hashtags like #flatlay, #flatlays, #flaylaystyle, #flatlaytoday. “Flat lay photography” is exactly what it sounds like: a straight overhead-style shot of objects arranged neatly on a flat surface. The curated Instagram page @flatlays has 234,000 followers; elsewhere, the classic Tumblr site Things Organized Neatly launched a popular photobook of the same name.

Pink school girly accessories and stationery on pastel pink background Top view by Ekaterina Fedotova on 500px.com

Sometimes called “knolling,” it’s a style that can be found in fashion blogs, the pages of food magazines, and product advertising—making it an evergreen and versatile choice for commercial Licensing Contributors. The art of the flat lay is accessible—and you can tap into it on any budget—but it does take some planning and foresight. Here are six steps to follow for your next shoot.

Enjoy cherry  by Galigrafiya on 500px.com

Dopamine happiness formula  by Galigrafiya on 500px.com

Step 1: The shot list

Like many commercial shoots, a good flat-lay session begins with a detailed shot list. This list will help guide you through the following steps, outlining the different lighting schemes, compositions, and props you want to try. When brainstorming ideas for your shot list, you can also create a mood board, featuring inspirational flat lay photos pulled from magazines, your favorite brand’s social media feeds, or 500px. You can use an app like Milanote for shot list templates and an organized workflow.

In addition to writing down the specific shots you want (close-ups, wide shots, hand-in-frame, and so on), you might also want to create a series of sketches to provide a visual reference point. “When you begin actually setting up your items on the day of the shoot, you’ll want to have a guide,” the 500px team explains. Your drawings don’t have to be perfect, but they should indicate where you want your props for every shot and how you’ll rearrange, add, or remove them throughout the session.

Paper card between skin care and decorative cosmetics on pink, top view, mockup by Ekaterina Fedotova on 500px.com

Autumn composition top view by Anna Pismenskova on 500px.com

Step 2: Prop selection

Props can make or break any still-life shoot, and with flat lays, they are essential for telling a cohesive story. The theme of your shoot will guide your prop selection; you can choose something clear and simple like “morning tea” or “fall wardrobe” and then get creative when choosing and sourcing props.

“If shooting a food-related concept such as ‘early morning tea rituals,’ you’ll, of course, think about your raw ingredients and the tools used to make the tea, but you should also think more deeply about how you will tell a larger story,” the 500px team says. “Maybe you take inspiration from your own morning rituals and include your reading glasses and a book or tablet.”

When sourcing props, start with your own collection or visit a local thrift store in search of hidden gems. For some photography-specific items, such as fake ice, you might need to browse a dedicated prop shop (either online or in person), but these items can be pricey, so start with second-hand options or rentals. Fresh, high-quality ingredients can be sourced from a local farmers’ market.

“Remember that flat lays are different from standard still lifes as the angle is from the top down, so assess how your props look from a bird’s eye view,” the 500px team adds. Make sure they can stand up on their own as well; you can often hold objects in place with a bit of adhesive putty or clay.

Modern vibrant spring or summer party flat lay. by Katarina Femic on 500px.com

Bananas pattern on a gray background by Ilija Perkovic on 500px.com

Step 3: Backgrounds

Professional seamless paper is always a popular choice for a clean background, but you can mix it up for variety. Other options include vinyl, canvas, or a fabric of your choice (just beware of glare, reflections, creases, or wrinkles). Maybe you use paper in two colors for a more graphic, eye-popping look. In some cases, you might want to use something with more texture, like a painted canvas or wood for a rustic vibe.

In others, you might prefer the generic, versatile look of a white seamless background. The latter works especially well with flat-lay compositions, as negative space usually plays a starring role. For a luxury look, you might choose marble. Or maybe you choose a color that complements your props; if, for example, you’re shooting tea with a fall theme and incorporating autumn leaves, a blue background will provide contrast to those orange hues.

If you’re working in the studio, you have more options in terms of delicate or heavy backdrops, but you’ll need something durable and portable if you plan to shoot outside or on location. You can always use several backgrounds on a single shoot; just remember to make a note of your plans in your shot list.

Fresh green grapes and pears on blue with swoosh of paint and frame by Nataly Lavrenkova on 500px.com

Healthy eating background by Yaroslav Danylchenko on 500px.com

Step 4: Lighting

The lighting is where you set the mood for your shoot; for flat lays, you’ll usually want that bright, clean look. We recommend starting with continuous light, such as daylight or LEDs, as what you see is what you get, and you can adjust in real-time. Just remember to avoid direct sunlight.

Your light source can be a large window or a studio light, but either way, you’ll want to make sure it’s properly diffused, either with sheer white window curtains or a softbox. Diffusion is essential for getting that broad, shadow-free lighting that’s popular for flat lays. If you’re still getting shadows (and you don’t want them), you can fill them using a reflector to bounce some of that light.

With that being said, you might want shadows in some cases to create depth and contrast. Move your light source and props around so that they’re falling just where you want them. You can always use multiple light setups on the day of the shoot for variety and diversity.

Step 5: Camera set-up

For flat lays, you’ll need to mount your camera using a tripod or, even better, a c-stand to guarantee that you’re shooting directly overhead. Plus, you can keep your hands free to adjust your props as needed. Pros often prefer a c-stand over a tripod because you can get even more height, but either will do the job.

Another benefit to stabilizing your camera is that you can use a slower shutter speed and still keep everything crisp. In terms of aperture, your setting will depend on the height of your props; if you have a lot of different levels within your shot, you’ll need to stop down to a narrow aperture if you want everything to be crisp. At the same time, feel free to experiment with it; as long as your subject is in clear focus, it might be interesting to create some natural bokeh by opening up that aperture a bit. It all depends on the aesthetic you want.

Keep your ISO as low as possible to reduce noise. A classic nifty fifty lens is a solid choice for flat lays, offering a perfect balance between capturing a relatively wide scene (so you can crop) while also not introducing too much distortion. If you need a wider frame, go for a 35mm.

Flat lay of woman's hands holding grapes, pears and avocados with pistachio branches on wooden table by Nataly Lavrenkova on 500px.com

Cozy flatlay of bed, woman's hands holding wooden tray with vega by Nataly Lavrenkova on 500px.com

Step 6: Composition

The composition might be our final “step,” but it’s actually an integral part of every proceeding step, and you’ll be refining it as you go, from shot list to final set-up. Remember the importance of negative space; you want some breathing room in between your props to help guide the eye throughout an image.

To avoid cluttering up your frame, it can help to start with just one object and then slowly build from there, making adjustments along the way. If something doesn’t work, you can always take it out and replace it with something else. For more guidance, you can use the grid on your camera to help you straighten your lines and position your props at key points within the frame (for example, following the rule of thirds or golden ratio).

Use your initial sketches as a reference, but feel free to think on your feet and get creative in the moment as well. Move your props around until they capture the light exactly as you want it; sometimes, a change of less than an inch can make a significant difference. When shooting for your Licensing portfolio, you also want to keep variety in mind; if one shot isn’t working, move onto the next one, and keep experimenting. “To create diversity, try multiple compositions,” the 500px team suggests.

Not on 500px yet? Click here to learn about Licensing with 500px.

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UP to allow 100% face-to-face classes in undergraduate courses in the second semester – University of the Philippines

A typical classroom in UP Diliman. File photo from UP MPRO.


The University of the Philippines will allow 100% face-to-face classes in all its undergraduate courses in the second semester of the current academic year, AY 2022-2023. This is complementary to the university’s adoption of hybrid and blended learning to equip students for the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and achieve educational resilience in a volatile and rapidly changing world.

UP is already holding 100% face-to-face classes for laboratory, studio, and practicum courses, among others, and all courses in some of its constituent universities in the first semester of the current academic year. UP Manila began holding 100% face-to-face classes for its courses in the public health disciplines as early as July 2021.

Details regarding implementing face-to-face classes in all courses and the learning delivery mode in the graduate programs are currently being finalized.

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What we should know about COVID and children with cancer – University of the Philippines

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are about 4,700 new childhood cancer cases in the Philippines annually. Forty percent of these cases are leukemia—a treatable condition, especially during early diagnosis and with consistent chemotherapy. Unfortunately, 1,700 children still die from leukemia each year in our country.

Compounding this are unseen impacts of COVID-19 on children’s health, especially those immunocompromised, such as children with cancer and undergoing treatment. What happened to all the children with cancer during the pandemic? How have the lockdowns affected transport and accessibility of care? How are we doing with the vaccination of these immunocompromised children?

This Friday, September 30, from 12nn to 2 pm, the University of the Philippines (UP), in partnership with UP Manila National Institutes of Health (UP-NIH), National Telehealth Center (NTC), and cooperation with UP Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH), invite you to join the fight against C.O.V.I.D—current COVID-19 problems, other outbreaks, viruses, infections, and disasters.

In this “Stop C.O.V.I.D. Deaths” webinar titled, “Children with Cancer and COVID-19”, we will focus on an important group of immunocompromised children and tackle everything there is to know about it, from the latest statistics to prevention and treatment, and how this also relates to COVID.

The main speaker will be Dr. Mae Dolendo, Head of the Children’s Cancer Unit at the Southern Philippines Medical Center in Davao City. She is the leading expert on pediatric oncology, recognized internationally for her advocacy work.

The panel will also feature Ms. Shalom Rea Bernales from the award-winning Kythe Foundation Inc., one of the pioneering programs for children with cancer that started as a volunteer organization from Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU). She will talk about the countless volunteers who have made life a little easier for these children and their families.

Dr. Stella Marie Jose, Deputy Director for Health Operations at the UP-PGH, will deliver the synthesis and closing remarks.

Register here and catch our weekly live tweets and streams via the UP System Twitter account, TVUP’s YouTube channel, and Facebook page. See you on Friday!

The award-winning UP “Stop COVID Deaths” Webinar Series is the Philippines’ first and only frontline-focused medical webinar series. It pioneered the discussion, dissemination, and adoption of knowledge on COVID-19 treatment and management. Follow our accounts to stay connected with your credible online community.

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